Something Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue

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We do it because our grandmothers did it and our mothers did it. Now it's our turn to have our special day, and we want to do what those who went before us have done: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Originally, it was a saying that was started in Europe in the late 1800s to keep evil spirits away. Today, it isn't just a saying, but something that many modern brides try to incorporate into their wedding day to bring good luck, a happy marriage, and overall happy thoughts. Many traditions are interesting, and when looking into them, we find some pretty special details.

Something Old

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Symbolizing a couple of different things, the "something old" part of this saying requires the bride to wear or carry something that's been around for a while. It can either be something that her mother or grandmother wore in their weddings or a memento that she has kept over the years, such as something from her childhood that wasn't bought specifically for the wedding. The old object can represent two different things. It symbolizes the transition from living the life of a single person to living life with a partner, a spouse, and a true love. It can also be a way to include an object that belongs to someone that is in a happy marriage, in order to bring good vibes into the new marriage.

A few traditional ideas for a "something old" might be a handkerchief, a piece of jewelry, or even a small photo of a loved one carried with a bouquet. Wearing a grandmother's or mother's gown or veil is a wonderful way to include something old in your wedding. Some brides have incorporated something old into their ceremonies by allowing a florist to work a piece of jewelry into their bouquets, or by having a seamstress use vintage pearls from an old piece of jewelry to decorate the bodice of the gown, near the heart.

Something New

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Bringing "something new" into the wedding ceremony is a bit easier, since many brides do a lot of shopping in anticipation of the big day. This easy part of the tradition still plays a big, meaningful part. It symbolizes the bride and groom transitioning into a new stage of their relationship, living life together and constantly working to make each other happy. Brides can wear a new piece of jewelry, a new pair of shoes, a new accessory, or a new dress and veil to represent something new.

For a more contemporary idea, brides and grooms can have personalized silver frame engraved with the date to commemorate their special day. Etched champagne flutes used at the reception, and then only used on special occasions afterward are a great new idea. Brides can carry a special monogrammed handkerchief using her new initials with her bouquet. Receiving a new strand of pearls, new diamond earrings, or a new bracelet to match the wedding gown from your spouse-to-be is always a wonderful treat as well.

Something Borrowed

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When a bride borrows something from a happily married couple for her wedding day, the thought is that the married couple's good luck and fortune in marriage will follow the new bride and groom into their new lives. It is believed that happiness will then come to the new bride and her groom. The key is that the bride uses it on her big day, and then returns it to its rightful owner afterward. Traditional items to borrow are veils, gowns, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and possibly even hair accessories for the wedding ceremony. This borrowed item will come in handy if the bride is going for a more vintage look, although the item doesn't have to be old. It may have just been used a couple of years before.

Something Blue

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Blue is a color that traditionally symbolizes modesty, purity, and staying true to your new spouse. In the past, many brides' dresses included some sort of blue trim, blue thread, or blue fabric on them. Many brides choose to incorporate some blue into their wedding by using a blue garter belt, carrying blue flowers, wearing blue jewelry, using blue ribbon somewhere on their gown or accessories, or wearing pale blue shoes. A modern way to wear something blue is to have the inside of the wedding gown monogrammed with the bride's new initials and wedding date in blue thread. Brides can carry one blue flower in the bouquet, wear pale blue lingerie, or have a tiny blue bow on the inside of the veil.