Summer 2016 Will Be All About These Jewelry Trends

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Jewelry was once thought of as an accessory. But as I get further and further along in my career in the jewelry industry, I have come to realize that most people are putting more and more emphasis on the jewelry, almost as much as they do their clothing. Fashion just isn't complete without the right accessories, especially jewelry. And there are some great summer jewelry trends that I feel like I just have to share with you as we approach warmer temperatures.


Huge chunky cuff-style bracelets are big for this summer, and there are lots of materials and styles from which to choose. The great thing about a cuff is that there is no clasp or chain to break and it won't take you 10 minutes and an extra pair of hands to put on. Simply slide it on and head out the door.

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Stackable Rings

Who wants to wear just one ring? If you like a particular style of ring, find a few similar ones and stack them. Stackable rings are rings that are similar or exactly alike and worn stacked on your finger. They can have different stones or other detailing, but they are to be worn together. Similar to stackable rings are midi rings. Midis are worn on the finger between the middle and upper knuckle. Finger cuffs and dual bars are going to be big as well.

Statement Necklaces

Remember when you used to choose your outfit, then run to your jewelry collection and find some pieces that matched your clothing? Not anymore: Continuing to be huge this coming summer are statement necklaces. In this case, you'll pick your necklace, then go to your closet and find the best thing to draw attention to the great piece around your neck.

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Statement Earrings

This trend may have started out in Hollywood, but it is making its way across the country and looking great on all of us ladies. Oversized or statement earrings can be worn with anything now. Don't worry about wearing something dressier; now, you can wear a plain top and jeans and throw on a pair of oversized earrings and make a beautiful statement.

Long Pendant Necklaces

Worn with any type of outfit, long necklaces showing off a chunky pendant are being seen on all types. Throw on a long necklace with a striped top and a blazer or a cotton T-shirt dress. Jeans and a plain white tee can be dressed up with a long chain and pendant as well.

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Gold Layering

Speaking of picking out your clothes, a great trend on the horizon is gold layering. When it comes to necklaces, layer a few thin gold chains of different lengths, and you won't need to pick out anything spectacular. This trend is seen on people who simply wear a white or plain T-shirt and jeans while the necklaces pull everything together. Gold bar chains, rope chains, or smaller pendants can round out this cute layering effect for any day of the week.


We are all used to being so matchy-matchy, but we don't have to worry about that anymore. Asymmetry is going to be big this year. If you've lost one of your favorite earrings, don't worry about it: You only have to wear one. Put on a different earring in the other ear, or leave it out and bring asymmetry to the funky forefront with this cool and different trend.

Full-Body Chains

Whether you are going to be spending the day on the beach, planning on wearing a crop top, or you have a simple sheath dress to don for a wedding, a full-body chain can dress you up and help you look your best. Wrapped around your torso, this chain can go around your arms and then twists around your waist and gives you a bit of sparkle and shine all over. Full-body chains are great for the summer because you will be showing more skin and this is a great trend to add a little oomph to your finished look.

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Chain Links

Big, chunky chains are a sure hit for summer jewelry this year. Worn around your neck, wrist, or ankle or even hanging from the ears, this look brings metal to the forefront of any casual or dressier look. With a big industrial aspect, chain links in different styles can offer a different approach to any look for the warm temps.

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Ethically Sourced Materials

There are so many people in this day and age who take into consideration all that is going on in our world when they make their fashion choices. In addition, many designers, producers, and sellers in the jewelry industry care about their products and where they've come from. More lines are being made using recycled materials and gemstones obtained ethically.

Jewelry made from recycled wine glass. Photo via Flickr (cornerstonecellars)