The Best 10 Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding bands have proven to be a great choice for engagement and promise rings for both men and woman. Tungsten Wedding bands have established there effect on displaying infinite and everlasting love. These rings ensure the benefits of durability, quality and affordability. Tungsten provides an endless amount of qualities to offer and Larson presents an array of different colors, designs and details. Each ring will satisfy any type of personality, all while making a statement depending on how loud or subtle you wish it to be.

The decision process of finding the perfect ring to represent your unique story of eternal love can be difficult but it should also be enjoyable. To make your decision process easier, here are a list of the top 10 most popular Tungsten rings that many customers have been pleased with. Whichever tungsten band you end up deciding, know that you are joining millions of other people who have fallen in love with this alternative metal.

Number 1 : VALIANT Black Tungsten Ring With Black Sapphires (8mm)

This stunning Black Tungsten Carbide ring by Thorsten is the number one best seller from Larsons. It glistens from from the center groove with elegant and stunning inlay of round-cut black sapphires that encircle the entire band. The bold black color is sharp and matte, with the impeccable detail when admired closely. This is sure to catch everyones eye and make a valiant statement.

Number 2 : HAYDEN Rose Gold Plated Tungsten Polished Beveled Ring With Brushed Black Center (6mm & 8mm)

This distinctive ring is far from mundane, yet remains subtle that will flatter any skin-tone. Making it one the list as of the best smart rings, the Hayden ring has a captivating center of Rose Gold-plated Tungsten that is detailed with a bold feature of brushed black inlay throughout the center. With polished beveled edges, this ring is sharp with stunning detail that transforms the standard black engagement ring.

Number 3 : GASTON Gold Plated Tungsten Polished Beveled Ring With Brushed Black Center (6mm-8mm)

The GASTON ring is a great option if you crave the look of rich gold at an affordable price. This ring by Thorsten was designed using the new Ion plating process that results in a much more durable and long-lasting finish that will last a lifetime. This sophisticated gold-plated Tungsten ring contains beveled edges and interior that are polished to perfection, with a bold black center that is treated with a subtle brushed finish.

Number 4: SAN ANTONIO Flat Black Tungsten Carbide Band With Brushed Finished ( 4mm-12mm)

This appealing Black Tungsten Carbide wedding band by Thorsten embarks a beautiful clean finish that is bold yet essential. The precision-crafted, brushed non-shiny finish provides for those who prefer to make a more understated but also elegant statement. This ring offers an array of diversity as it can be worn as a wedding band or as a promise ring by men or women.

Number 5 : HONOR Gold-Plated Tungsten Beveled Polished Edges Flat Ring With Brushed Center (6mm & 8mm)

The HONOR ring is also constructed using the new Ion plating process that results in a much more durable and long-lasting finish. This regal gold-plated Tungsten ring by Thorsten is ideal for those who want the rich look of gold and embark an eternal statement at an affordable price. The beveled edges and interior are polished to perfection and the ring’s center is treated with a subtle brushed finish. This timeless look effortlessly displays class and style while looking like you spent more than you actually did.

Number 6: PILOT Gunmetal Tungsten Ring With Black Sapphires (8mm)

Showcase your love and commitment with this sensational gunmetal colored ring if you want to venture off from standard black. This Thorsten ring showcases a spectacular inlay of black sapphires that are set in the center groove of this ring. These stunning black round-cut sapphires encircle the entire ring. The sides of this ring sport a brushed gunmetal colored Tungsten, perfectly complementing the black sapphires in this band resulting in a sleek, sophisticated and timeless effect.

Number 7: RAIDER Domed Brushed Finished Black Tungsten Wedding Band (4mm-12mm)

The RAIDER is the epitome of understated elegance, this classic domed style ring by Thorsten features a non-reflective and very finely-brushed surface. It is a classic statement that remains unique and personalized. This ring offers a wide range of uses as it can be worn as a wedding ring or promise ring for both men and women while still capturing the essence of everlasting love.

Number 8: SHEFFIELD Flat Beveled Edges Tungsten Ring With Brushed Center (4mm-12mm)

If you are looking for a more classic and timeless look the SHEFFIELD by Thortsen is meant for you. Made from high-grade Tungsten Carbide this ring will stand out in a crowd but remain traditional and effortless. It features a flat-profiled conservative design of a brushed finished center band with polished beveled edges for a subtle amount of shine.

Number 9: DOMINUS Domed Tungsten Carbide Ring (2mm-12mm)

The DOMINUS remains one of the most classic designs available at Larsons. Sustainable and timeless, this high-grade Tungsten Carbide ring is a great choice for any person looking to display their everlasting love. The band is made in the traditional domed design with finely polished round edges causing beautiful shine and durability. This elegantly-designed ring can be worn as a wedding band or promise ring.

Number 10: HALSTEN Platinum Inlaid Beveled Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring (6mm & 8mm)

For a different take on the stainless silver look, the HALSTEN provides a unique touch of intricate detail while remaining subtle and still making a statement. Made from high grade Tungsten Carbide, this classic style by Thorsten combines the beautiful color of Tungsten Carbide with a 2mm wide band of rich solid white Platinum inlaid into the center of the band. This can be worn as a wedding band or promise ring.

How to Measure the Correct Ring Size:

While shopping for wedding rings online, it's important to know your partner's precise ring size.
We have mentioned a few simple ways to measure the correct size at home.

How to Understand If a Ring Fits Properly:

The ring should accommodate your finger comfortably. It should be snug enough to not fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle easily. When the knuckle is bigger than the base of the finger, measure the two places, and pick a size between the two.

The difference between one ring size to the next is approximately 2-3mm in the inner circumference of the band. At times, the difference of half a size or less may also fit comfortably.

If the ring is wider, it will be tight for your finger. For any ring around 5mm+ in width, go a half size up.

The inside of a Comfort-Fit ring places less metal in contact with the finger, so they fit loosely. In case you measure between sizes, round it down.

Important Note: The ring size can change depending on the diet, temperature, and use. Sometimes, the size of your ring finger can even change in the span of a single day.

How to Measure the Right Size:

1. Use String or Floss

You can measure your ring size using string or floss. Take one of these and fold it over the base of your finger. Mark where the string or floss first covers the base with a pen. Then line that up with a ruler and bring down its length in millimeters.

With standard ring sizes, each half-size matches up to a 0.4-millimeter increase, beginning with size 3 equivalent to 14 mm, size 3.5 equivalent to 14.4 mm, size 4 equivalent to 14.8 mm, etc. Regular ring sizes for ladies are 6 (16.5 mm), 6.5 (16.9 mm), and 7 (17.3 mm). For men, the widely recognized sizes are 10 (19.8 mm), 10.5 (20.2 mm), and 11 (20.6 mm).

Be careful with this method because string or floss can stretch. If you pull it too much while measuring your finger, you might estimate your size to be larger than it actually is and end up purchasing a ring that is too loose.

2. Measure an Existing Ring on the Ring Chart

You can gauge your ring size using a previously owned ring that fits you well. Print out a standard ring size chart and place your ring on the circles until you locate the one that coordinates with the inner circumference of your ring.

3. Buy Your Own Ring Measuring Tool

You can also buy your own ring measurement tools. They are not very expensive and can be found easily online.
The best ring measuring tools fall into two classes: a precise measuring tape or a keyring fixed with many ring sizes.

Tungsten Ring Engravings:

Perhaps the most ideal approach to customize tungsten wedding rings is by including a personal message, name or date to the inside of the band through engraving. With the heap of styles available for tungsten carbide wedding rings, couples are opting for engravings to make their rings exclusive from others.

Can Tungsten Rings Be Engraved Easily:

Tungsten can be engraved, which is why many people decide to have their tungsten wedding rings engraved with a custom etching. It is difficult to etch tungsten rings in traditional ways because the metal is very hard. A laser is normally used to laser imprint tungsten rings.

Any design can be engraved onto tungsten rings. The most popular engravings that are wedding dates, commemoration dates, and names. In some cases, for very complex designs, images, or logos, the layout should be created beforehand to get an optimal result. It is possible to engrave on the inner side of the tungsten ring. This will conceal the message from others and make the ring even more personal.

Types Of Tungsten Ring Engravings:

This is the most widely used engraving style. Couples love composing sentimental sentences or expressions for their partners. Inscriptions include dates of commemorations or birthday celebrations. Unique text styles and various dialects can be added as well.

A fancier sort of etching, monograms are old-style initials in uncommon text style. Such engravings take more work and are more expensive.

The laser can imprint images if a JPG file is sent to the jeweler. The size of the engraving will depend on the amount of space on the ring. If the ring is too thin in width, the image or logo will have to be downsized.

Can Engravings Be Removed From Tungsten Rings?

While it is possible to engrave on tungsten rings, removing them from this metal is very difficult. Removing engravings can harm the ring and its porosity. Be sure about your engraving and provide the correct sample, name, or date to the jeweler to avoid mistakes.