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Finding The Best Wedding Dress For Your Shape And Size

Photo via Flickr (125349110@N05) Photo via Flickr (125349110@N05)

Whether you are short, tall, stick-straight, or curvy, I believe that every bride deserves to look her best on the day of her wedding. Your wedding gown will transform you from the everyday girl-next-door you into the stunningly beautiful gown-wearing woman like on every bridal magazine cover. With a little bit of trial and error and a few trips to the bridal boutique dressing room, I found which dress allowed me to look absolutely perfect on my big day as I walked down the aisle to say "I do," and you can, too, no matter your body type.


I have found that tall brides look best when the dress design is simple. It will show off your long physique and your longer arms and legs. If you are dealing with sleeves, be sure that they are not "accidentally" three-quarter-length when they are supposed to be long sleeves. Also be sure that the hem touches the floor and that the waist isn't too high compared to your waistline. Remember to avoid gowns with too many beads or patches of lace: They can make your longer gown look too busy. Simple is best when you are dealing with a longer length.

Photo via Flickr (fireatwillrva) Photo via Flickr (fireatwillrva)


Photo via Flickr (125349110@N05) Photo via Flickr (125349110@N05)

Personally, I am more on the petite side, so I had to shop accordingly while doing my search for a bridal gown. I have found that the best fit for a shorter person is one that is an A-line gown or a sheath. I also wanted my waist to appear higher so that my legs looked like they were longer. If those of us who are petite want any detailing on the gown itself, it must be on the upper half of the gown so that the eye is pulled upward, giving us height. Remember that we need to avoid princess gowns that include fuller skirts, as these can make use look even smaller.


For someone with a larger chest, it is important to accentuate it and make it flattering, rather than making it look like a shelf. You also don't want to call more attention to it than is necessary. A neckline that scoops or is sweetheart-shaped is the most flattering for you. You want to have a beautiful décolletage while not showing all of your cleavage. This will also help to even out your look and accentuate your face and not just your chest. Remember that fabrics that are shiny or are gathered will make you look bigger in this area, so be sure to avoid those.

Photo via Flickr (weddingdress-factoryoutlet) Photo via Flickr (weddingdress-factoryoutlet)


Photo via Flickr (xubangwen) Photo via Flickr (xubangwen)

Since I was not blessed in this department, I needed to be sure to add volume on top so I didn't appear so small in the gown that I chose. Shiny fabrics or gathering such as ruching do indeed add volume where you need it. A halter style will help to give you the look of curves. When you are lacking on top, it is a good idea to use your undergarments wisely: Some bras can add a much needed push-up, while others can give you a bit of padding if necessary.


Photo via Flickr (125349110@N05) Photo via Flickr (125349110@N05)

When you've been blessed with beautiful curves, you want to get a flattering wedding gown that will make you look your absolute best. An A-line floor-length gown is a good option to give you the flow that you need on the bottom. A higher waistline will help to give you a more flattering shape. Remember not to go too loose or you could end up looking bigger than you actually are. Try to go with fabrics that will hold you in and give structure to your shape, rather than lighter, more airy fabrics.


If you are lacking in the curves department (as I am), then you'll need to create beautiful curves with your dress. Try gowns that have a cinched waistline that will give you a curvier figure. Something long and flowing will also give you the illusion of hips and will help accentuate your waist. Remember that ruching and gathering will help the fabric work in your favor and give you added curves where there may not be any.

Photo via Flickr (weddingdress-factoryoutlet) Photo via Flickr (weddingdress-factoryoutlet)