The Best Wedding Gift Ideas Via Pinterest

Photo: Credit: Image by Wicker Paradise (Flickr) Caption: Fill a cute picnic basket with lightweight tableware, a blanket, and some great food for an intimate picnic gift for the new couple.

Photo: Credit: Image by SherryCreates (Flickr) Caption: Add some pasta, sauce, and all of the Italian necessities to a colander for a romantic dinner-for-two gift for the newlyweds.

There are so many great wedding gift ideas, and many can be found on Pinterest, a place to go for inspiration, DIY projects, and every kind of how-to. Sometimes, folks aren't able to spend a lot of money on a wedding gift, while others find it stuffy to go and purchase one place setting of fine china from the local department store. The never-ending suggestions on Pinterest can offer up an endless amount of ideas for your next wedding gift.

Easy, Inexpensive, and Hand-Made

All newlyweds love a dinner date. Why not give a wedding gift that allows just that? For your next wedding gift, make a romantic basket full of all the necessities for a romantic dinner for two. Fill a colander with a box of pasta, a jar of sauce, a homemade bread mix, olive oil, garlic salt, and a couple of red and white dish towels, and wrap it in a pretty bow. What a great time the couple will have in the kitchen preparing a nice Italian feast!

Image by SherryCreates (Flickr) Image by SherryCreates (Flickr)

Another great idea for a wedding gift is a basket containing a blanket, a bag of popcorn, a couple of packets of hot chocolate, and either a classic romantic movie or a gift card for a DVD rental. This gift will give the couple the opportunity to curl up and watch a great movie while they snack and snuggle under the blanket.

If the newly married couple enjoys spending time together in the kitchen, a great idea is a gift with all of the baking necessities. Fill a mixing bowl with all the dry ingredients for baking or a package of cookie, brownie, or cake mix. Add some chocolate chips or frosting on the side. Then, take a cookie jar and fill it with wooden spoons and spatulas, measuring spoons and measuring cups, and a timer. Add a pretty little oven mitt and a bow, and they'll be ready for an evening of baking lots of goodies.

A decorated jar filled with small pieces of paper that contain creative date night ideas is a wonderful gift for the newlyweds after they get settled into their everyday lifestyle. This will give them the opportunity to pick one every week and spend time together having fun.

Great DIY Gifts

Pinterest is the place to find great DIY projects, and a wedding gift idea is no exception. One great idea is to make personalized mugs for the bride and groom. You can go to a pottery creation store or simply make them at home with a few generic mugs from the craft store and a Sharpie. Write "His" and "Hers" on the mugs, write the wedding date, or write their first names or anything else creative. When you are finished, simply bake it in the oven to set the writing. This can also be done using plates, bowls, or any other piece of plain china.

Credit: Image by Wicker Paradise Credit: Image by Wicker Paradise

An idea to commemorate the wedding day in a gift is to take the wedding invitation, neatly cut out and curl each line of lettering, and put them into a clear glass ball Christmas tree ornament. Tie a pretty ribbon to the end and you've made them a beautiful way to always remember their special day at the holidays.

A picnic basket is a great gift idea for a bride and groom. To a beautiful picnic basket, add in lightweight dishes, glasses and silverware, a blanket to sit on, and some pretty napkins, and you've given them a romantic date on a pretty day. All they have to do is to add their favorite on-the-go foods for the meal.

A great gift idea is to put together some of your favorite wines and make the couple a wine basket. Add in some frilly ribbons or bows around each bottle, and wrap it in a beautiful basket for a quiet afternoon drink for the love birds.

Anyone can pick up a gift from a wedding registry, but adding a bit of creativity from Pinterest to your wedding gift will tell the couple that you care for them by going the extra mile and making something different and exciting.