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The Golden Rule of Wedding Rings

The sky was blue, sun shining, and the happy groom twiddled his thumbs as he nervously waited for his bride to make her entrance over the hill. The groom, Tim, was young, in his early twenties, but years beyond his age in maturity. He was the owner of a small internet start-up in San Fran that was on the brink of turning the corner. His wife-to-be , Sarah, was a young computer nerd like himself: progressive, forward thinking, and a vegan; his perfect match, his perfect partner-in-crime. In a few minutes, they would say their "I do's" to begin the next chapter in their lives.

When Tim and Sarah decided to make it official, it wasn't a difficult decision for them to agree who their ring bearer would be. It would definitely be Spike, their over energized Chihuahua. Exactly five years ago, they had met at the exact same park where they were tying the knot. Exactly five years ago, at the exact same park, Spike broke loose, and it was Tim who helped Sarah corral him. Sarah repaid Tim by accepting his offer to buy her dinner and the rest was history.

"But my grandmother's priceless ring on the collar of the dog?" Tim said scratching his head.

"What could go wrong? Sarah replied.

Tim glanced at his watch. In a few seconds, Sarah would make her way over the hill and would be just a breath away from her being his wife. He glanced at his watch again.

Action time.

As if on cue, Spike suddenly charged over the hill in full stride, his tongue pinned to the corner of his mouth. Sarah unexpectedly appeared over the hill, charging towards Spike in her wedding gown.

"Tim! Get him!" Sarah yelled.

Tim, like five years before, corralled Spike easily and calmed him down.

"The rings!" Sarah turned spike upside down and realized the rings that were strapped to Spike were fake.

Tim smiled, pulled out the real McCoy from his coat pocket, and grinned.

"I trust Spike, but I wouldn't trust him with twenty thousand dollars."

Sarah laughed, grabbed Tim by the hand and walked with him to the minister.

"Today is going to be awesome," she whispered in his ear.

While this story may seem fictional, it is based upon a real Hawaii wedding couple of mine here at Dream Weddings Hawaii that decided to have their overly active pet Chihuahua play the role of ring bearer. I have one rule when it comes to wedding rings. Treat them as its cash value.

  • Would you stuff $25,000 in cash into your suitcase and check it in at the airport
  • Would you leave $25,000 in your rental car or hotel room.
  • Would you trust $25,000 in cash with your 8 year old nephew ring bearer?
  • Would you strap $25,000 in cash onto your pet.
  • Would you swim in the in a pool or at a beach with $25,000 in cash in your hand?

The moral of the story? Be like Tim. Treat your ring as its cash value and you will easily avoid creating true wedding horror stories.


My name is Steve Young, and I'm a former screenwriter, television
producer turned wedding planner. To date, I have planned over 3000
weddings making me some type of wedding-guru. My wedding company can be
found at