The Magical Properties Of Gemstones

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My love affair with gemstones started quite young. I always knew they were special, hence my desire to be adorned with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires began. This eventually led to my love for the jewelry industry, but it all started with the colorful stones that I had heard had "magical" powers to heal, change my mood, or even bring me good luck.


The diamond represents so much when it comes to relationships. Today, they represent love when asking for another's hand in marriage. They represent a lifelong love and everlasting happiness with your special someone. But in times past, they had other meanings as well. In centuries past, people wore diamonds sewn into their clothing or as decorations on their swords and weapons, believing that they were a symbol of success and also brought them good luck. They were thought to bring attraction and power to the wearer. Ancient Hindus set diamonds in the eyes of their statues in India. Diamonds were used to show diplomacy by monarchs. During the Renaissance period and the Middle Ages, diamonds were worn in order to give the wearer magical powers. It represented love, as it was believed that Cupid's arrow contained a magical diamond tip.


The ruby is the "king" of all of the gemstones, as it has been worn by royalty all over the world. It was believed that it was a result of the opening of a magical egg from Naga, the ancient Burmese dragon. When worn, it was believed to keep you healthy, give you passion, and give you courage. When used on your land, it will bring you plentiful harvests and keep natural disaster away from your property. Islamic folklore included the belief that Allah created a mountain of rubies in order to hold the feet of the angels while they held onto the earth.


Green emeralds are very representative of springtime and life and were believed to keep you feeling and looking young. Known as the "queen of gems," emeralds were given to ancient women in order to protect them during childbirth and also given to newly married couples to represent a smooth relationship in their lifelong journey. They represent good luck and are one of the most valuable gemstones. Cleopatra had an emerald mine located near the Red Sea that was used to mine emeralds since 2000 B.C. Throughout history, the beautiful green stone was believed to cure infertility, heal the eyes, make one smarter, and supposedly allow one to see into the future.


The beautiful blue sapphire represents several different things. The wearer was believed to be noble, faithful, sincere, and honest, and it was a symbol of royalty or clergymen for many centuries. In addition to representing royalty, it also represents true love and romance. Ancient Roman and Greek royalty believed that the stone gave protection from anything that could harm them. Clergy wore the blue sapphire to represent Heaven during the Middle Ages, as commoners believed that the stone brought blessings from Heaven. Others throughout history have believed that the stone guards the chastity of the wearer, brings truth, brings peace, brings protection, and has a good influence on the spirits around them.


The turquoise is an interesting and unique stone, as it is the color of the sky. In Native American myth, there was once believed to be a chief with turquoise skin. It was believed that as he escaped his enemies in the desert, he would stop and rest and his beads of sweat became the wonderful stone we know today as the turquoise. In Apache history, it was believed that the turquoise made your weapon more accurate when in use and made your horse sturdier during battle. Navajo history states that turquoise thrown into the river while beckoning the rain gods would bring plenty of rain. It also is said to provide strength, good fortune, good health, and protection from bad spirits.


February's birthstone, the amethyst, supposedly protects the wearer from becoming intoxicated. It also brings calmness and concentration. Ancient people believed that it brought humility and virtue to those who wore it.


Believed to be the gift of the mermaids, the aquamarine gave protection as sailors traveled the oceans. It was believed to protect the traveler and bring them good fortune. It was also thought to bring the wearer true love and keep relationships full of goodness and pleasure.


Used by ancient Egyptian priests, the peridot was believed to bring the wearer favor from their gods. The stone is believed to be the tears of the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele. Meteorites have been discovered to contain bits of peridot, so it is also referred to as the stone from heaven. The stone is believed to bring purity, wisdom, wealth, protection from bad thoughts, and comfort.


The topaz is believed to be the "keeper of the flame." It brings knowledge, security, and peace of spirit and mind and will bring good health to one's family.