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The Night Before The Wedding To-Do List

Photo via Flickr (courtneyrian) Photo via Flickr (courtneyrian)

About a week before my wedding day, I was a bundle of nerves. I was going over and over all of the details in my head, and I just couldn't relax. On the day of my rehearsal dinner, I constructed this list with my bestie, my maid of honor, so that I could allow myself to calmly handle the night-before preparations. She and I made a list that I vowed (pun intended) to stick with in order to not be the major bridezilla that I was so scared of becoming on the day of my wedding. All in all, I was a relaxed and easygoing bride and truly had the best day of my life, because of this list. Here are the top 10 musts on the night before your big day.

Love Note

You will be declaring your love for your spouse the next day, but what better surprise than to tell him how much you are looking forward to your wedding day with him by your side? A love note will allow him to know what you are looking forward to most, besides spending the rest of your lives together. Tell him your hopes for your futures, your dreams, what you want for him, and what you desire for your relationship. This is an opportunity to tell him you love him during your last moments of being his fiancée.

Photo via Flickr (sunshinecity) Photo via Flickr (sunshinecity)


You have to look your best, and you should be sure to have your hands and feet looking their best, too. Everyone will be ogling your diamond and wedding band, so make sure your hands look perfect with a manicure. Once you leave for your honeymoon, you might be spending a lot of time out of your shoes, so make sure your tootsies look their best as well.


Be sure to get all of your accessories packed, including your makeup, toiletries, and every single thing you'll need on the morning of your wedding. Lay out your clothing that you'll wear to get your hair and makeup done. Be sure your dress, veil, and shoes are safely put away. Pack your bag for your honeymoon as well. This will need to go to the ceremony with you if you are leaving straight from the reception.

Survival Kit

Make sure you have those pesky little things that you might need but most likely won't have if you don't pack a survival kit. Include extra bobby pins, a bottle of pain reliever, safety pins, a needle and white and black thread, spot stain remover, and clear bandages, just in case. You never know what is going to happen on your big day.

Vendor Details

Have a quick word with your wedding planner or your maid of honor to ensure that all vendor details are in place. Confirm all vendors during regular business hours the day before your wedding. Make sure everyone has the correct times to arrive, set up, etc. Be sure with your family that you have all vendor payments taken care of, and be sure to have some cash on hand in case you need to tip.


At this point, you will have a lot of people to thank for your big day (hopefully) going off without a hitch. Be sure to thank your closest family members and your bridal party for all they've done to help you get ready. A great idea is to do these thank-yous publicly at your rehearsal dinner so that you can remember to include everyone involved.

Stay Healthy

As stressed as you may feel, junk food or comfort food need to be the last thing you eat. Stick with a healthy meal the night before, with lean protein and lots of veggies. Be sure to stay hydrated the day before and the day of your wedding. Drink a lot more water than usual, and take it easy on the alcohol. You will be very distracted at your reception, and you don't need to become dehydrated.

Silence Your Technology

In order to relax and sleep well, you'll need to take care of all of your wedding-day details early in the day so that you can go radio silent later in the evening. Be sure to turn your computers, tablets, and laptops off so that you can concentrate on you and not be distracted by social media, news, work emails, and texts. If you are able to, put your phone on "do not disturb" and only allow calls and texts from your closest friends and family.


It might be a difficult thing to do at this point in time, but you need to relax on the evening before your wedding day. Spend it with your closest friends and family, if not your bridal party. Hang out with those closest to you and make sure you have a good, stress-free time. If you need to do something to force yourself to relax, do some yoga or at least some deep breathing exercises to allow your body and mind to take a breather and de-stress. Watch a good romantic comedy, or sit and chat about old times with your girls to get some good old-fashioned belly laughs.


You will be so excited and nervous at this point about all that lies ahead on your wedding day, but it is extremely important that you get a good night's sleep. At least try to have an early bedtime if you think that you won't be able to allow your mind to settle down. A good night's rest is important, as you have a lot to do before your wedding and a long night afterward. Again, try to do some deep breathing exercises, make a list to settle your mind, or do some light stretching to relax your body and mind in order to fall asleep faster. Silence your phone so that you aren't woken up once you do fall asleep.

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