Thinking Outside of the Ring Box: Cool & Unique Wedding Rings for Men

Women and the jewelry we wear are statement-makers, just like what men wear could also be defined as such. When it comes to (different wedding rings), styles tend to become fashion-forward and that means that couples have plenty more options to choose from than years past.

(Unique men's wedding rings) are the norm now, so women – kiss those traditional bands goodbye! The world of hand-friendly, comfortable jewelry starts will (cool wedding rings for men). The time of sifting through countless boring flat wedding bands are over and here are a few reasons as to why.

Tungsten Wedding Bands are on the Rise

This scratch resistant, highly durable metal is also fairly inexpensive. The dark, gray color makes the perfect alternative to the usual bland gold and silver bands of old. One interesting side note is that tungsten weighs much more than its counterparts, which might make it a little uncomfortable for those who don't normally wear jewelry.

Plain No More

The great thing about patterns is that they have the ability to be incorporated into almost anything – including (unique men's wedding rings). Patterns have their place in jewelry, especially wedding bands. Milgrain, woven and wave and two-toned are some of the most popular found in the patterned world.


This super lightweight material is unbreakable in most cases and it is perfect for those guys who are active with their hands. The industrial finish makes it one of the most (different wedding rings) on the market, mainly due to its "no-frills" style. And because it is abundantly available, getting it for a great price shouldn't be a problem.

Men Like a Little Bling Too

(Cool wedding rings for men) can come in something other than plain bands – some men like a little sparkle to their jewelry. This doesn't mean that guys are any less of a man; it just means that they like a little sparkle with their splash, so to speak. Women are the same way, right girls? Diamonds are the usual choice but other gemstones, like rubies and sapphires, are perfect setting stones for bands. The only issues with having stones in your wedding band is that, if you work with your hands a lot, you might want to skip the extra ice. Stones have a habit of getting damaged or falling out when you least expect it.

Other Hot Tips

We have discussed a number of (cool men's wedding rings) so far but there are a few that still may interest you and may save you even more money. Cobalt chrome rings are not as well known as the other materials listed but it is hypoallergenic, affordable and durable. The silvery, white hue closely resembles white gold or platinum but costs nowhere near it. Black wedding rings are very appealing and are actually becoming a serious competitor to that of the silver and gold-toned wedding bands. This neutral-colored band is budget-friendly and durable due to it being made from materials like tungsten or titanium. And then we come to rings with exotic wood inlays. Sounds kind of weird, right? Well, it's different but that is a great thing because this adventurous and rugged look is stylish and sophisticated in its own right.