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Tips to Staying Trendy While Paying Less for Mens Wedding Attire

When people talk about their wedding, they often use terms like "most important" or "biggest" to describe the day. Even "happiest" makes the top of the list, in some cases. But one of the terms that many couples fail to mention happen to be one of the most vital when it comes to their wedding day – "best-dressed."

It shouldn't matter what shape your ceremony takes, (men's wedding attire) is just as important as every female's attending the event. If this is your wedding, coordination is going to be a huge step with the wedding theme and groomsmen. The groom usually takes up around 40 to 45% of the pictures, so you must be extremely careful about the attire you choose. Here are some basic tips to staying trendy while saving a few bucks when it counts:

Solid Colored 2-Piece Suits Work Wonders

Choosing the old-fashioned (wedding attire for men) that has worked for ages can still work nowadays. The only difference can lie in how you choose the coloring of the suits. If you marry in the summer months, try a lighter color of the suits. For instance, a lighter khaki, blue and grey are perfect in the warmer months while darker colors are great for colder months. You never want to get married in very bright colors as these are novelty items meant for Vegas, or the like.


The closer something is to your face, the more meaning it has – especially on important days. When it comes to (men's wedding attire), this statement can't be more of a truth. Dress shirts, collars, suits, shoes and even your neckties will get their fair share of attention in videos and photos during your wedding. You never want to use your wedding day to show off a novelty item. Use a tie that has a single base color like those of earth tones.

Dress Shirts

(Wedding attire for men) comes down to getting the details right. The dress shirt happens to be one of those details. You can never go wrong with a clean, solid white dress shirt on your wedding day. Groomsmen can have patterns and such, but the trends still lean towards the groom having the clean, dashing look. You can stray from this a little by going light blue or cream but you want to make sure you never take away from the bride.

Dress Shoes

The person that says they did not look at the wedding couple's footwear during the ceremony is fibbing! Shoes are very important and must flow with everything else on a couple's attire. Black shoes for the groom are always a safe bet but make sure they are comfortable and match your belt.

Keep Things Simple

Lastly, never make things harder than they need to be. Dressing for your wedding should never be a tough issue. Consider your budget, review your options and determine your decision well in advance. Ensuring that everything is finalized well before the wedding will allow you time before the wedding to make necessary changes, if needed.