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Tips to understanding Men's Formal Wear Trends


by: Hobvias Sudoneighm flickr

Men's formal wear can set a man apart from an ordinary crowd which is why I tell my friends and customers that it is extremely important to stay current and fashionable with today's trending clothing styles. Getting dressed up for the prefect occasion is essential these days, and with the right formal wear for men, you will stay one step above your peers. My male friends are always on the go and, as such, they continuously create new clothing statements without knowing it. To look great and fashionable, I tell them that they should look out for certain basic but essential fashion tips when going formal. It is all about simple and neat when going formal. Try following these tips when implementing your formal attire because these dos and don'ts just might come in handy.

Tips For Planning and Wearing a Formal Outfit

  1. Your shirts should always be lighter and monochromatic in shades. This is one of the best mens formal wear trending tips you can have because it never changes. These shirts highlight the upper body along with bringing attention to your body as a whole. I tell my friend that, no matter their age or race, there is always a range of colors to fit them. Colors like blue, brown, white and beige look great on guys and are to be paired with darker shade slacks. You can also try sporting thin vertical stripes or other patterns if they stay in line with the overall look you have on.
  2. At Larson's, we put a huge emphasis on even the small things, and that is the same thing that happens with formal attire. I tell people that the tie is an important part of what a man wears but guys tend to give it the least amount of thought. If a man is sporting a neutral or bright colored shirt, then he should also have a bright colored tie, possibly with stripes. Indigo and baby pinks go well with most men's formal wear.
  3. Pants can be lighter or darker shades and should match your jacket or overcoat. Never try to mismatch those two items unless you are in the mood for a complete disaster. You would not be starting a fashion trend by any means. Formal wear for men always comes down to blacks, grays and blues. You can have shiny pinstripes which will accentuate the look and can be worn for any occasion, formal or not.
  4. Guys, the last tip is to ensure that you buy clothes that fit your body. This means that you go to a tailor or a place that will allow you to be fitted. Otherwise have the suit altered. This is one issue that I tell all my friends, family and clients they have to take care of. There are no exceptions because it can ruin a perfect look before you even put the mens formal wear on.

Other accessories like scarves and belts will help you complete your formal look.