Titanium Rings are as Strong as the Men that Wear Them


Photo: Cam Switzer (Flickr)

Titanium jewelry for men is considered to be virtually indestructible and have become a modern and efficient alternative to conventional metals, such as platinum or gold. Titanium is preferred by many men, for its strength and stunning good looks – to match their personality, of course. For men who work with their hands often, mens titanium jewelry is the perfect and using this material in wedding bands can help them last without a scratch.

Here's a Fast Fun Fact: Titanium is one of the hardest metals in the world; however, it is beat out in terms of hardness by tungsten carbide, which has a 9 on the Mohs scale, compared to titanium's 6. The high density and heavy weight of titanium jewelry makes it an interesting alternative to platinum, especially when it comes to men's rings.

Titanium jewelry is light, yet durable; combining high-tech materials with beauty, elegance and stylish design. Most people are surprised by the lightness and the strong, elegant look of the titanium jewelry. Men have appreciated the powerful qualities of this metal and, now that gold prices have skyrocketed, the metal has found a new lease by having its sales increase exponentially. It's also a great option for those who may be allergic to select metals.

Finding titanium jewelry for men and women has never before been so versatile in design, or easier when combining a couple of rings. Matching titanium jewelry, men and women can agree on, is readily available and cheaper than some conventional wedding bands; they last longer and are easier to care for. What more could one ask for?

So, to recap: mens titanium jewelry has been popular in the past few years for a number of reasons:

  1. The metal is nearly indestructible, it is one of the sturdiest of all metals and it offers optimal comfort.
  2. Since titanium is highly scratch resistant and extremely easy to clean, they have become highly sought after as well.
  3. They are also ideal for allergy sufferers, because of the soft properties.

Knowing the simple characteristics behind the metal can make a huge difference in whether you should buy titanium or not – use the information I've provided to help make up your own mind. Here are a couple other resources for you to consider as well:

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Some men may not think, at first, the metal is for them; however, after trying it out, you may see that the titanium is everything that the more expensive metals could never be. Whether using gold, silver, and sparkling diamonds for your jewelry, using titanium jewelry can be just as elegant in every respect, because it's the combination that makes it special – not the price you pay.