To Match or Not to Match – Wedding Rings for the Bride and Groom

The engagement ring is beautiful – more than the bride could hope for. But what sort of rings do you wear for the rest of your married bliss? Do you buy matching sets, or should you opt for another pricey ring for the bride and an inexpensive wedding band for the groom?

What a Man Wants

This situation is a little sticky for some couples. Many guys don’t care what they wear. They just want a simple and durable band. Some of these same guys get a flashy marriage band for their intended because this is something that their wives will wear and display every day for their rest of their marriage. She will be happy to boast about her band! Other guys choose the practical route and want to get her a nice band that will endure daily activities. Then there are the guys who don’t mind illustrating their new married status with a flashy ring. These types of guys usually want to match their brides.

Womanly Ways

Women are a bit more sentimental. They want to exhibit unity, and so most women prefer to purchase a matching ring set. Some women prefer simple elegant rings and will continue to wear their engagement diamond with their marriage band. Others are more than happy to receive a wedding ring equipped with either half or full eternity diamonds. Many gals opt for simple bands because of their work setting, or because ostentatious jewelry is not usually a part of their day-to-day style.

The Two of You Together

The bottom line is to decide as a couple what rings you want. Browse through Larson Jewelers together and point out the styles that really impress the both of you. Take note of what each of you wants in a ring, and take into account the lasting effects of those rings. Also, look at each others’ style preferences in general. If your wife wants a flashy ring and you require a simple style, try to go for a compromise. You might choose a simple gold band for both, but will include a diamond solitaire just for her band.

Don’t Break the Bank

Also talk about your budget. Traditionally, the guy purchases his beloved’s wedding band while the bride pays for his ring. But if it can’t work out that way, try to get a set that won’t break your collective budget.

Another budget saver is to purchase the bride’s ring with an expensive metal and then the groom’s ring can “match” in color alone. Consider “matching” a white-gold band for the Mrs. with a palladium band for the Mr. Both rings look the same, but are different metals.

At Larson Jewelers, we offer plain matching tungsten wedding bands that look sophisticated and will fit any couple’s budget. We also feature new matching styles such as rose gold inlay, and designs for differing tastes.

Did you and your partner go for matching rings? Tell us all about them below!