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Top 5 Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings in 2024

This past year brought a lot of show-stoppers in the way of engagement rings, and there are some huge trends in diamond cuts, metals, and styles. The different styles that played a big part in setting engagement ring trends were both the vintage and more modern styles, while yellow gold is coming back into view as more and more brides want similar looks to their mothers' engagement rings. Simple solitaires are back, as some brides are trying to stay with a simpler look, too. Here are five top diamond cuts that came to the forefront of the trends of the past year.

Round Brilliant Cut

The classic cut of the round brilliant stone is never going out of style. It is what you immediately think about when you think of an engagement ring. A popular style of setting for the round brilliant this year is the halo setting, which allows the stone to appear larger by encompassing the stone in white gold, platinum, or even small diamonds. This is the perfect way to give a round brilliant stone more sparkle while making it seem a bit larger as well.

The Emerald Cut

The emerald-cut stone gives an engagement ring a sort of vintage charm that other cuts don't seem to have. It is a step-cut facet and encompasses a beautiful silhouette because of its rectangular shape. Many celebrities, such as Ciara and Angelina Jolie, have showcased this popular diamond cut in the past year. It is a versatile shape that remains a timeless trend in this modern time.

The Cushion Cut

The more modern cushion-cut stone is making headway in becoming one of the more popular diamond engagement ring settings of all time. It is a sort of combination of a round brilliant-cut diamond and an emerald-cut stone. The softer edges make the stone have a more romantic feel than the sharp edges of a princess- or emerald-cut stone.

The Oval Cut

The oval-cut diamond makes a great engagement ring stone, as many brides are moving toward this trend this year. The oval cut appears larger that its actual carat weight because the stone is essentially a round stone that has been stretched. The oval-cut diamond does offer sparkle and also gives the illusion of a longer, more slender finger. It is a traditional style of stone but one that is great for any bride that thinks size really does matter.

The Princess Cut

The princess-cut diamond is a square-shaped cut that is similar to the round brilliant diamond except that the corners of the stone have been left after polishing. It has a traditional style and still has a bit more pizzazz than a plain round stone. Set in a four-prong setting, the princess-cut diamond looks great on its own or in an elaborate setting.

Every bride adores her engagement ring, and there have been some breathtakingly beautiful trends this year in the diamond department. Every trend has the potential for having a long-lasting effect. Let's see what 2015 has in store for its brides-to-be!