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Top Engagement Ring Styles of 2024

If you've decided to ask your partner to marry you, finding the perfect engagement ring is imperative. Not only do you want something that captures your beloved's personality and style, you also want them to know how much you adore them. When you start your shopping journey, knowing what styles of engagement rings are out there can help you find the right one.

Read on to discover the most popular engagement ring styles of the year.

Engagement Rings with Color

If the love of your life likes to stand out from the crowd, getting them an engagement ring with colored gemstones or diamonds is sure to delight and excite them. Some of the most popular choices for this year will be sapphires. This gemstone has a high toughness ranking, so it can be set as a solitary stone or mixed with others.

Other options for engagement rings with a splash of color include rubies and emeralds. You might also consider colored diamonds. You can be assured that the gem will be strong and stand the test of time, and you can personalize the color to your love's taste. Whether they want steel gray, yellow, orange, red, purple, brown or black (or any of the other colors of the rainbow), you can find a diamond that will catch your partner's eye.

Minimalist Rings

When it comes to engagement ring styles for women, one of the trends you can expect to see is minimalist engagement rings. These consist of delicate bands that have been paired with a variety of stones. The design may be simple, but these engagement rings are far from ordinary.

Minimalist engagement rings are a great option if your partner doesn't wear a lot of jewelry or doesn't want to make a bold statement. These rings may have less flash and pizzaz, but they'll still let your love know that you care and that you are serious about spending the rest of your life together.

Engagement Rings that Stack

Another trend in engagement rings that is expected to continue is the popularity of stackable engagement rings. More often than not, these are bands encrusted with diamonds that fit neatly next to one another on your partner's finger. They consist of the engagement ring, wedding bands and eternity ring. Wearing these rings together is something you'll see more brides doing in the new year.

Solitaire Diamonds

Solitaire diamonds have been the traditional engagement ring for ages - and it's a trend that's not going away anytime soon. There's a reason this is a classic ring. It's the ultimate when it comes to style and sophistication. Depending on your partner's personality, you can get a small, simple diamond, or you can go as big as you can afford. Either option is sure to delight your beloved.

Taking the Next Step

If you're ready to take the next step to find the perfect engagement ring, then you'll want to check out what Larson Jewelers has to offer. From traditional styles to the latest trends, you're certain to find the ring your future spouse will love.