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Twenty-five things a bride will need on her wedding day (Part 1)

The excitement is building! Your stomach is fluttering and your heart is doing jumping jacks, it must mean your wedding is just around the corner! But before you get caught up in the before and after festivities, pack a bag with all that you might need for the “day-of.”

For that bride who needs everything, try to stick to this list otherwise your maid-of-honor will be carrying everything and the kitchen sink! In this 2 part series, will identify 25 things a bride will need on her wedding day.

1. Bobby pins, ouch-less hair bands and or an extra clip that match with your dress. Any of these items work for a quick hair fix and are small enough not to be noticed. Also remember to bring a brush if you decide to untangle those curls.

2. Hairspray – if you are at all worried that your chosen curly style will fall, arm your self with this or any strong gel will keep your hair in place throughout your long day. Just be sure that either one is not greasy or too sticky.

3. Floss, toothpaste toothbrush and or whitening strips- you want your smile to look its best, so make sure you brush before the event, preferable before the dress goes on, and use a whitening strip before the ceremony for an extra boost to your smile. If you do get to eat any of your wedding day fare, make sure that you check out your teeth. Pictures presenting your entire entre on your teeth will not be flattering in your memory book.

4. Slippers or flip-flops-these are a must for the reception. Many brides tire their feet out from wearing those special wedding heels. Slippers or flip-flops that match your dress are a cute and relaxing way to enjoy the reception. Besides, people might not even notice you are wearing them!

5. Snackies-pack some crackers or carrots to feed that excitable stomach. Brides are usually to busy or distracted to eat something on their wedding day, so make sure you have a good breakfast and a few snacks before the reception to keep your energy going. You don’t want your first meal of the day to be the cake!

6. Something new- remember all your traditional add-ons. If you have a family heirloom that doesn’t quite go with your wedding theme, if it is small enough, consider pinning it to the inside of your dress for safe keeping and to keep it included in the wedding.

7. Garters-one that goes on your leg and the other to throw out to the crowd! Try to be fun with either one.

8. Buttons and a sewing kit-this will definitely come in handy if you have any wardrobe malfunctions. Just remember, brides, do not do the sewing! You have attendants; let them sew what you need for you. And use string and buttons that match your dress. Keep safety pins for quick fixes if you can’t find the time to sew.

9. Cell-phone-if any bridesmaids or ushers are MIA; this will be a handy tool to locate any lost helpers.

10. Paperwork-pack any receipts, checks and extra cash you might need for any services for the wedding and reception. The extra cash is for any tips that the bride and groom would like to give out for extra services.

11. Change of clothes-keep these near in case a quiet exit is planned for or if you just want to change into something comfortable during the day.

12. Your own vows-it is best to write them on index/cue cards but if you can’t, type them up and tuck them in your wedding satchel or have the maid-of-honor carry them for you.

Stash these things in a fun bridal bag and designate either your maid-of-honor or one of your bridesmaids as the pack mule. Do not forget this bag, as it is contains whatever you might need to survive through out your active and wonderful day! Stay tuned for our next entry for items # 13 – 25 of this list.