Twenty-five things a groom should have on his wedding day

It’s your wedding day! The day you get to dress up like a penguin and see some of your relatives cry as you tie the knot with your lovely bride. This should day should be a breeze and you shouldn’t have to be responsible for anything. Or do you?

Just because it’s called the bride’s day doesn’t mean you get to take a back seat for the event. Be a wise groom and make sure you have a few practical items just in case.

We’ve devised an awesome “Groom’s disaster kit” list for you and your groomsmen to benefit from in case of any emergency that doesn’t involve hair-pulling of any kind…

1. Your vows-these words will be the mushiest words you will ever have to say in front of a crowd of people, so put them on some index cards or you can type them out and stash it in your back pocket.
2. Aspirin-for the many hugs, kisses and cheek pinching you will receive from your touchy-feely relatives
3. Tie/bow-tie/ascot-have an extra in your chosen colors just in case you or any others spill anything on you
4. Extra pair of cufflinks and/or studs-again in your chosen style.
5. Cash-try have an extra on hundred in change in case you need to tip anyone extra or to pay for any extra services
6. Cell-phone-make sure to get your ceremony official to remind everyone to have his or her cell-phone off during the ceremony.
7. Important numbers-such as wedding planner, mother-of-bride, your best man, etc.
8. Boutonnière- you will usually get this at the church/venue but if not, don’t forget it at home!
9. Directions and phone numbers to all the places you and your wife-to-be will be driven to. This should also include the phone number to your driver if you will be chauffeured around.
10. Sewing kit-this should contain extra matching buttons and string for the grooms tux/suit.
11. Toothbrush, toothpaste, breath mints and dental floss-you don’t want your bride to cringe when you go for the critical kiss!
12. Energy drink and/or coffee-make sure you are peppy for a happy wedding. Your bride will sense your energy and it will rub off onto her.
13. Insoles-for those shoes that you swore you would break-in before the wedding but didn’t get to.
14. Deodorant-smelling awesome is your goal of the day. Check yourself every once and in while to be sure your nervousness is not creating an odor everyone will remember.
15. Extra shirt and/or undershirt-if you wedding is outside, change your shirt before the reception, but only if you need to.
16. Comb and hair gel-for those times where you want your Fonzie hairstyle to look smooth and in place.
17. Handkerchief-to put in you lapel pocket, men do not cry at weddings!
18. Watch-you are the time- keeper for the day. Keep your guys in check.
19. Water-drink plenty.
20. Driver’s license-who want to be carded without their license on their wedding day?
21. Black socks-make sure your feet are comfortable and sweat-free for the whole day
22. Cologne
23. Lint brush-for your pants and jacket
24. Wedding documents-such as marriage license, receipts etc.
25. Tungsten wedding bands for himself and his bride

Unfortunately your bride will not let you wear even the most sophisticated cargo pants, other wise you could store all of these items on you. Plus theywill feel quite hefty and uncomfortable as you carry them throughout your wedding day. Just designate a few of your groomsmen to help you with the load. The best man is usually in charge of any extra cash and the bride’s wedding band. The other guys can handle the rest as long as you can trust that they won’t leave anything behind. Thanks to this list, you don’t have to worry-just be happy!