What are 3 ring wedding sets?

Three ring bridal sets wedding bands

A growing trend amongst married women is the appearance of a third band on their left ring fingers. We're used to seeing two rings, so where is the third one coming from? Some women add the third ring for symmetry, as having a plain band and diamond ring can appear uneven. Others simply like having the added bling. However, three-band wedding rings can have a deeper significance that has nothing to do with looks.

Ring 1: The Engagement Ring

The first ring a woman receives, other than maybe a promise ring, should be an engagement ring. This ring marks the first big milestone in a couple's journey and shows they are planning to get married. An engagement ring typically has a large, standout gemstone that is either solitary or surrounded by smaller stones along the band. A popular style is the halo ring, which has a large center stone encircled by smaller ones.

Traditionally, engagement rings feature a diamond, but you can really choose any stone you'd like. Other popular engagement ring stones include rubies and blue sapphires. Before picking an engagement ring, it's important to know your partner's tastes as the ring will likely be worn even after your wedding.

Ring 2: The Wedding Band

After the engagement ring comes the wedding band. This is the ring that is exchanged as you share your vows. A wedding band represents the love between you and your partner and the lifelong commitment you are making. Unlike engagement rings, the wedding ring is typically a plain metal or gemstone encrusted band. Typically, a wedding band matches the engagement ring somehow. If you have a gold engagement ring, you want to look for a wedding band with a similar hue. If you have diamonds on your engagement ring, you don't want to get a wedding band covered in emeralds.

An increasingly popular material option is tungsten. Tungsten rings are a great choice for both and women. These durable, scratch-resistant rings are comfortable, affordable and come with a variety of inlays, colors and stones. With tungsten wedding bands, it's easy to find a matching set with identical rings for both partners.

Ring 3: The Anniversary or Push Ring

For most, the rings stop at the wedding band, but a third ring trend is quickly catching on. The engagement ring represents the promise to get married, the wedding band represents the actual union and the third ring represents another large milestone for couples. The third ring is given after one of two events: an anniversary or the birth of a couple's first child.

Some men choose to give their wives another ring to mark an anniversary. This is usually an important one like the first, five-year or 10-year anniversary. The third ring may also be given to mark the last big stage of a couple's life together, which is the birth of a child. This is usually referred to as a push ring.

Just like a wedding band should match the engagement ring, the anniversary or push ring should match the first two. Tungsten rings make a great choice here, too, and you can even customize them with an engraving to commemorate the moment. You can add an engraving of a name, symbol, image or even your child's fingerprint to the ring.

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