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What is the meaning of a black wedding band?

If you’ve noticed more black wedding bands than usual lately, you’re not alone. Black wedding rings have become more and more popular and are quickly replacing traditional colors like gold and silver. With their growing popularity, you might be wondering if there’s any meaning behind black wedding rings or if they are just a fashion trend. The answer? It’s a little of both.

What is the Meaning of a Black Wedding Band?

Black wedding rings can be traced back to ancient times when black onyx was used to craft rings. Today, most black wedding bands are made of tungsten or titanium, and people are choosing them over more traditional options for a variety of reasons.

For some people, there is no deeper meaning behind their black wedding band. To them, these rings are simply a fashion statement or a way to express their personality. Black rings are a great choice for someone who tends to wear darker colors or monochrome styles. Others see themselves as rebels who like to break norms, and a black wedding band instead of gold is perfect for that. Then there are those who just like the way a black ring looks.

Black wedding bands can have meaning, though. Wedding rings symbolize a lot on their own, but some couples like to add more meaning to that by bringing in color psychology or history. The color black has long been considered classy, from little black dresses to iconic tuxedo style, but it has positive meanings too.

Some couples choose black wedding bands because they represent everlasting commitment. The color black on its own can also mean things like power, strength and sophistication. These are all things a couple hopes to bring into their marriage, and a black wedding ring is a daily reminder of that.

Aside from color symbolism, people also like black wedding rings because of the history associated with them. To some, mimicking ancient Greeks by wearing black wedding bands is romantic. There’s also the practicality of black rings as they tend to be made of stronger metals like tungsten carbide and titanium.

Black Tungsten Rings

Tungsten is the toughest metal on earth and one of the common materials used for black wedding bands. This metal is extremely durable and won’t bend like other malleable metals, and it has the most scratch resistance. At Larson Jewelers, you’ll find a vast selection of black tungsten rings. We have solid black options as well as more unique, eye-catching designs. If you want a bit more sparkle, we have black tungsten rings with black sapphires. On the nerdy side, you’ll find black wedding bands with characters and symbols from your favorite movies and comics like Star Wars. You can also customize your black tungsten ring with an engraved message, fingerprint, symbol or image.

Black Titanium Rings

Due to their durability and strength, tungsten rings have a heavier feel. If you’re interested in a black wedding band but want something more lightweight, black titanium rings are a great solution. This metal is also scratch resistant and hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t feel as heavy as tungsten. In our selection of black titanium rings, you will also find options with black sapphires and gold-plated inner bands. We even have titanium black wedding bands with wooden or braided inlays.

At Larson Jewelers, our experienced wedding band consultants are here to help. Reach out with any questions and let us help you find the perfect black wedding band.