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White Gold Wedding Bands Are the New Bridal and Engagement Rings

White gold wedding bands are beautiful, simple, and classy, and they're becoming the new engagement or bridal ring thanks to social distancing.

The world has changed thanks to the current predicament, and most people are practicing their social distancing even for major life events. Engagements, weddings, they’re happening remotely via platforms like Zoom, instead of being hosted as large, celebratory gatherings. Even when a live event is scheduled, it’s intimate with a small guest count to minimize exposure.

Not only has this changed the way that these formal events play out, but also some of the traditions associated with them. For example, instead of springing for a flashy engagement ring, many couples are just going straight for the bands. Unique wedding bands and couples wedding ring sets are the focus, instead of a more elegant approach. To be honest, it’s a fantastic way to keep things simple yet romantic, in an increasingly unromantic world.

We love the new trend! However, we have one recommendation that might make it all, much more special! Where you might spend the time seeking out and acquiring cheap wedding bands or alternative designs, such as tungsten or titanium, it might be exciting to go with something slightly more traditional.

White gold wedding bands.

Is White Gold Good for Wedding Rings?

14k White Gold wedding bands with blue and black inlay

Besides platinum—which is a suitable alternative—white gold is one of the most popular metal materials for wedding and engagement rings. In the right setting, they are absolutely beautiful and stunning, and they’re also a lot less expensive than platinum.

Most importantly, there is a huge selection of white gold engagement rings and 14K white gold wedding bands for men and women alike. That variety gives you and your loved one many more opportunities to personalize the jewelry. You can find something that truly matches your tastes and style.

There are some things to note, however, when choosing white gold for couples wedding bands:

  • ~White gold is not white naturally but made with combined alloys, so it may yellow over time
  • ~Because white gold is a softer metal it’s less durable, so tradesmen may want to stay clear
  • ~As an alloy, white gold is not a hypoallergenic material

The yellowing problem can be remedied and addressed, which is excellent news! The band can be treated with Rhodium plating to slow and remove the yellowing. Once it starts, this should be a regular practice—like cleaning—every six months to a year.

White Gold Wedding Rings: Q&A

Of course, you may have more questions about the material and the designs of white gold bands, whether you’re talking about white gold wedding bands for men or white gold wedding bands for her.

What is better for a wedding ring, platinum or white gold?

Platinum is a stronger material, so it’s more durable, and it holds its color for much longer before it needs to be cleaned. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is critical to know if you’re allergic to certain alloys and composites. However, Platinum is a much more expensive material, and most rings that use it have a much higher price tag, sometimes way above what a newlywed couple can afford.

White gold, on the other hand, is softer and can yellow over time, yes, but it’s beautiful in its prime and when cared for that coloring is not a major issue. Furthermore, it’s much cheaper and there is a much larger selection of styles and options—there are so many white gold wedding rings out there, especially men’s wedding bands.

What Karat white gold is best for wedding rings?

We recommend choosing nothing less than 14K gold, especially for white gold which is a softer material. It won’t be difficult to find that karatage or above, as it’s considered an industry standard.

How much is a white gold wedding band?

Because the price is dependent on the size, style, and general makeup of a ring we cannot give a reliable average. However, white gold tends to be the sweet spot in regards to price for most newlywed and younger couples. It’s not as expensive as platinum, but not too cheap like many of the alternatives out there.

If you're already looking or considering white gold wedding bands, then you’re in luck.