Let's Go Gold: Why Men's Gold Wedding Bands Are Making a Comeback

Yellow gold is back, baby! That means men's gold wedding bands are in style!

For the past few years, traditional gold has been less desirable, as many have opted for rose gold, silver, and other materials like titanium or tungsten. That’s especially so for men’s wedding rings, as tastes have remained quite minimal.

Yellow gold was huge in the mid-1900s, and up until the late 90s, many desired gold rings and gold jewelry. That changed as we entered the 2000s, but it looks like things are going back to the more traditional route. Modern men’s wedding bands include yellow gold styles, in addition to other unique men’s wedding bands and materials.

Men’s Gold Wedding Rings Are Making a Comeback

Larson Men's gold wedding bands collection

Perhaps it’s the tasteful and elegant designs, or maybe it’s that gold tends to exude a certain status quo? Whatever the case, gold is in, and not just rose gold or offset colors, the pure and traditional yellow gold. Yellow gold chains, watches, bracelets, it’s all popular again.

One contributing factor may be that alternative materials tend to be higher-maintenance and more difficult to clean. For instance, men’s white gold wedding bands, and men’s silver wedding bands must be cleaned regularly to prevent tarnishing. White gold dulls fast, certainly much quicker than yellow gold. It doesn’t help that another alternative, platinum, has become increasingly more expensive in recent years. That can put it well out of budget for young couples who are on the lookout for cheap men’s wedding bands.

Yellow gold it is, then.

What you may or may not know is that pure gold is yellow, yes, but it’s much too soft a material to use for jewelry, especially if the intent is to create something durable and long-lasting. To enhance its strength, metallurgists mix it with other metals to create an alloy. That’s where the gold measurements come into play, or karats, as you’re likely familiar with.

From 24 Karat to 9 Karat, the rating tells you how much pure gold is in the piece. The higher the number, the more gold that’s present, and the softer the material. Believe it or not, some of the best gold wedding bands for men have a lower karat rating. There’s a good reason for that.

What Karatage Is Good for Men’s Gold Wedding Bands?

men's gold wedding band on groom with brideThere are certain karat ratings you should avoid when selecting rings or bands, particularly men’s gold wedding bands. You want an engagement or wedding band to be durable, as it’s going to be worn day-in and day-out. It needs to be tough, retain its shape, and design, but also vibrant and attractive.

We recommend sticking with an 18K or 14K gold men’s wedding band when you’re choosing. The mixture is tougher, more resilient, and adequate for everyday wear. They also look fantastic, with just the right alloy mixture that keeps them reminiscent of pure gold, but plenty durable.

What Else Should I Know About Yellow Gold Wedding Bands for Men?

men's gold wedding bands with diamond and woodAre you set on men’s diamond wedding bands? Then yellow gold might be one of the best materials to choose from. Gold often influences the color and shine of a diamond, creating a warm, golden centerpiece.

If that’s not your style and you don’t like the way gold makes a diamond look, then simply choose a more colorful and vibrant stone. Don’t mistake that to mean you need to choose a higher karat diamond. That’s always an option, yes, but just looking for a shinier or more colorful stone can make the difference if you’re not fond of that warm glow!