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Wood Inlaid Tungsten Wedding Bands

Wood offers a very natural and earthy quality to jewelry and is simply beautiful when combined with other jewelry materials such as Tungsten and Ceramic. Larson Jewelers offers a wide selection of unique and beautiful wood inlaid tungsten rings. Below is a wood inlay comparison guide that helps you see the differences that each wood has to offer and may help you decide on which kind of wood inlaid ring best fits your personality. You are able to compare the different grains and what each kind of wood inlay has to offer aesthetically. Our wood inlay tungsten wedding bands are also available in black ceramic and comes in large collection of widths and sizes.

Wood Comparison Chart

Wood Type Wood Grain Short Description
Ash imh-error Ash wood is very light in color. The color of this wood is blonde/vanilla.
Black Cherry img-error Black cherry wood is not black in color at all. The color is a simple and beautiful brown/orange.
Mahogany img-error Mahogany is a rich brown and resembles a gorgeous animal fur.
Koa img-error Koa wood is a dark and exquisite brown.
Sapele img-error Sapele is a nice natural brown.
Teak img-error Teak is a very dark color of brown.
Zebra img-error Zebra has striking stripes of very dark brown and blonde. Similar to a tigers coat.

Are you bold and like standing out in a crowd? The zebra wood inlay tungsten wedding band possesses strong defining wood characteristics that are noticeably different from other wood inlays. Maybe you are vibrant and like warm features? Then maybe the mahogany inlay tungsten ring is best for you, with it's stunning rich colored grain. Padauk wood inlay has a beautiful red wood like color to it and is beautiful in our tungsten carbide rings. If you prefer a lighter color, our Ash wood inlay tungsten ring might be the best tungsten ring for you, with light wood color similar to blonde. Sapele has a lot of wood grain detail and is a gorgeous desert brown color. Teak is a darker wood inlay and looks beautiful when combined with tungsten carbide. Black cherry wood inlay is another very natural wood grain and has a desert like color. With a wide variety of wooden inlays to choose from, you are bound to find the right kind of wood inlay tungsten ring to match your personal style or for you.

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