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XL and XS Wedding Rings

XL and XS Wedding Rings

Small and large may mean different things for different people. Small wedding bands are usually paired with an engagement ring and are generally worn by women. Large wedding rings are very modern and is usually worn for fashion as well or to have an engraving come out clearly (more surface to engrave on). So what is considered an XL or XS wedding ring? At Larson Jewelers, we normally see wedding bands in the range of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. We'd consider 4mm as "small" and 10mm as "large" and anything smaller and larger than these widths is XS and XL.

Are XL and XS Rings measured in size?It's quite hard to determine if a ring is XL or XS based on the size since there are so many options (quarter, half and full sizes). We can only say for sure that the extreme sizes can be considered as XS or XL, such as a size 3.0 or a size 15.0 wedding ring.

Take a look at our 2mm rings for some clear examples of what an XS wedding ring is. You can check out our XL 20mm wedding rings here.