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Spinning/Spinner Rings

Brides and grooms have a wide variety of wedding band options from which to choose. Some couples prefer to maintain tradition by choosing standard metal wedding rings for both him and her. Other couples like to stray a bit from the norm with their jewelry. Couples searching for something different might like to explore spinning wedding bands. Larson Jewelers offers a wide array of beautiful and unique wedding bands for discerning couples, including distinctive rings that spin.

Larson Jewelers has a large selection of rings for many different occasions. With a specialization in tungsten jewelry, we carry a wide variety of ring styles in this metal, including tungsten spinner rings suitable for use as wedding bands. Spinner wedding bands might also be called prayer rings or worry rings. These rings are special because they actually have an inner and an outer band. The inner band sits snugly around the finger, while the outer band spins freely. Usually, the outer band has a special design or pattern that wraps around the band completely. Whenever the wearer wants, they can spin the ring easily around the finger, which can be a calming repetitive motion, hence why these rings are also called worry rings.

Spinner wedding bands are available in styles for both men and women. These ring styles are continuous bands and not engagement-style women's rings with stone settings. They can be made from various metals, including tungsten carbide, stainless steel, and titanium. Tungsten carbide appeals to many people due to its strength and scratch-resistance. This metal remains beautiful for many years without maintenance and upkeep. Many people enjoy the fit and comfort of these rings. It's also possible to have our spinning wedding bands customized with special engravings.

The unique style of a tungsten spinner ring makes them appealing to many brides and grooms. It's also possible to purchase a set of matching bands. Couples can work with Larson Jewelers to create exactly the spinning wedding bands they desire. Customization options such as handwritten engraving, fingerprint engraving, and custom engraving of a design are available. Laser engraving is a specialized service that involves laser marking of the message or design. Many different symbols and fonts are available, and our professionals can accommodate special requests. Many couples will choose to personalize their wedding rings by having their initials or a special quote engraved on the inside. These customizations make it possible to create one-of-a-kind bands that will be a lasting symbol of love and commitment.

When couples want a unique representation of their special union, spinner wedding bands may be the perfect choice. Explore the many wedding bands and other ring styles available here for both men and women and you're sure to find the perfect piece for you. All of our jewelry pieces are guaranteed to be of the highest-quality workmanship, and excellent manufacturer warranties are also included. But premium products don't mean premium price tags: Our products are always offered at low sale prices. Larson Jewelers also offers financing options to make our wedding bands even more affordable.

Still unsure about your purchase' Let our sales associates help you with this important decision. Contact us online and let us help you order the right spinner wedding bands for your needs. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to shop with us and get a piece of jewelry that will make you happy for years to come!