Spinning/Spinner Rings

Looking for a wedding band that puts a unique spin on the traditional? The spinner rings from Larson Jewelers may be just your thing. Perfect for the guy who enjoys breaking free from convention, this collection of men's wedding bands features raised centers that spin on a 360-degree rotation around the entire circumference of the band.

Spinning/Spinner Rings

These delightful rings come in a variety of colors, materials and styles, with an equally vast range of engraving options.

Spinning Wedding Rings

Silver tungsten carbide is the base material of choice for most of our spinning rings. The material is strong, durable and scratch-resistant, serving as the perfect base for the raised centers. Our tungsten spinner bands feature raised centers also crafted out of tungsten carbide. The raised centers come with a host of engraving options, including horses, Roman numerals, flying birds, deer tracks and even the story of human evolution.

Spinner wedding bands with plain raised centers are also in the lineup, giving you even more options. You can choose to leave the raised portion as is, or you can opt for custom engraving with any text or symbol you wish.

Ceramic is another durable ring material, and you'll find a spinner ring that pairs black ceramic with a diamond faceted center and polished beveled edges. The result is an extremely handsome wedding band suitable for the most sophisticated gent.

Benefits of Spinner Wedding Bands

Spinner wedding bands are just too much fun. No matter your age, you're not going to be able to resist the spinning feature. When they're engraved with symbols and illustrations, you get a built-in story added to the mix. The hardcore materials are another benefit, ensuring your spinning ring lasts for years to come.

Another plus is the ability to add laser engraving to both the exterior and interior of the ring. One final advantage is the source, with Larson Jewelers serving as a leader in wedding jewelry since its inception 10 years ago. Browse the collection of spinner ring options today.