Get a Free Ring Sizer Kit

For customers that do not know their ring size, Larson Jewelers offers a free ring sizer, just like the ones the jewelers use.  It is basically little rings of all sizes that you would try on until you find the size that fits you best.

Our ring sizer is made accurately, so after you find out your correct ring size, you would simply order that same exact size from our website.  Because our ring sizer is only 4 mm wide, it is accurate for measuring comfort fit rings.  If you are ordering a comfort fit tungsten ring from us, there is no need to drop down half a size, just order the size that best fits your finger.

Ring sizers are free to our customers and will be sent by the Post Office.  If you are in the USA, your ring sizer will take about 2 to 5 business days to arrive, depending on your location.  Unfortunately, we cannot ship ring sizers internationally. For international clients, please go to a local jeweler for professional sizing.  

If you must order immediately, please go to a jeweler or department store that has a jewelry department and get your finger measured.  When ordering, simply type in the order notes section that you were measured by a jeweler and let us know your size, so we can double check that you ordered the correct ring size.  International customers, can just tell us their ring size using their country's sizing system, and we will be able to convert it to the correct US ring size for you.

Please note: Our ring sizer will give you the correct size when used correctly.  Like any tool, if used incorrectly, you will get an incorrect size.  We cannot be held responsible for customers who purchase the wrong size based on using our ring sizer or recommendations given by our customer service representatives.