Top Wood Inlaid Bands

Our collection of wood inlaid bands showcases genuine wood inlays coated in a protective resin. From rare koa wood to exotic zebrawood, these natural inlays are sure to appeal.

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Showing 1-28 of 70 Results


Showing 1-28 of 70 Results

Top Wood Inlaid Bands

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Nature on your finger: Geniune Wood Inlay


Why Larson Jewelers?

For over 10 years and hundreds of thousands of happy couples, Larson Jewelers carries a wide assortment of contemporary jewelry, including alternative metals, gemstones, and exotic inlays. We can laser engrave your Jewelry to make it unique to you.

Wood Inlays:

Genuine wood inlays coated with a protective resin offer a beautiful combination of natural elements and modern metals. From rare koa wood to rich mahogany, each ring has its own unique color and grain.

View the Collection Below:

Our selection of genuine wood inlaid rings has been carefully curated to include our most popular styles.

5 Stars

Beautiful Wedding Band!

"My husband loved the band. I loved the quality and workmanship. I love what it represents with the KOA wood, strength and integrity... Just like my husband."

-Wanda K.

5 Stars

Wonderful Ring

"My husband and I have been searching all over for high-quality wood inlay rings. We both have a matching set of the Koa wood inlay. I would recommend this ring to anyone looking for something different and beautiful."

-Melvin T.

5 Stars

Love it

"I have now bought 2 of these rings for my husband and love them! My husband does woodwork, so we LOVE the wood inlay! Great ring!"

-Christina H.