Promise Rings

We have a variety of options available, such as matching sets for couples who want to wear matching rings. Looking to surprise your significant other with a unique promise ring' Not a problem! We carry styles that feature diamonds or gemstones, wood, pearl or other inlays, brushed finishes, and more. Most of our collections can be personalized with engraving, so that you're not only exchanging unique promise rings, but bands that have an extra special meaning. To help you create your unique promise rings, we are proud to offer engraved fingerprints and handwritten engravings. We even have the option to add an image or symbol to your rings. Simply follow the instructions when placing the order to purchase your promise bands. When you and your special someone are ready to buy promise rings, you'll find that both our tungsten and titanium bands are affordable and are often for sale at discount prices. Our customer service agents are available to help you Monday through Friday if you have any questions about any of our promise rings, engraving options, or the metals. So why not browse our site today, and contact us online via live chat or by phone.

Promise Rings

What is the Meaning of a Promise Ring?

Promise rings are a symbol of commitment to a relationship with another, along with the hope that the relationship will grow further in a positive direction.It is not a promise of marriage, however, as an engagement ring would be.Promise rings can even be used for relationships besides a man/woman couple. For example, friends can wear them to show their loyalty to each other, and even a parent can give one to his or her child as a way of showing their constant love and support.

Larson Jewelers offers a wide selection of high-quality promise rings in a multitude of designs. These rings also make lovely wedding bands.Most are composed of tungsten carbide, a hypoallergenic material popular due to its strength and durability, high scratch- and wear-resistance and perpetually polished look. We also carry ceramic and titanium styles.

Our Impressive Assortment of Designs

We’re proud to offer so many beautiful styles, widths and colors of promise rings. Finishes vary from smooth and polished to satin/brushed. Some feature artistic dimensionaldesigns, like the Cutlass Bandwith Gear Teeth Inlay and Kanye Bandwith Crescent Pattern. Others are inlaid with exotic woods from all over the world, includingBubinga wood from western Africa, Carpathian wood from Europe, Purpleheart Wood from Hawaii and redwood from north coastal California.

Other exquisite styles are embellished with mother-of-pearlor precious gemstones including diamonds, emerald and rubies. To create a truly unique band, we are delighted to offer fingerprint engraving, as well as engraved handwritten messages, symbols or images. Use your imagination to fashion a promise ring that’s distinctively personal.

Free Sizing and Lifetime Warranty

With Larson Jewelers’ exceptional pricing plus ourTruly Free Sizing and Lifetime WarrantyTruly Free Sizing and Lifetime Warrantyon all tungsten rings (no exchange/sizing fees), it’s easy to get exactly the ring you want. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives are on-hand by phone or online chat, Monday through Friday, to answer any of your questions about sizing or metals.