Unique Engagement & Wedding Rings

Our collection of unique wedding bands for women and men reflects the unmatched quality of your union. Find eye-catching opal inlays of mesmerizing colors in this collection that's perfect for October birthdays, nonconformists and your original love story.

Unique Engagement & Wedding Rings

Still Waters Run Deep

Opals form when water carrying tiny bits of silicone sediment percolates through the earth and forms a deposit. If those tiny silicone bits are uniform spheres that stack up correctly, they diffract light - giving these precious gemstones mesmerizing color patterns. Our collection includes gorgeous opal inlays that make stunningly unique wedding bands for women and men with deep wells of originality. Choose dreamy blue, watery green-blue, fiery red or smoldering black and red inlays to match your beloved's preferred hue of distinction. Some selections add a single diamond boldly set amid the opal inlay for even more brilliance.

Rings in a Class of Their Own

Your beloved is one of a kind. The unique wedding rings for women and men in our collection are unmatched in their singular beauty and style. Find stunning 14k white gold settings in a variety of edge finishes, including beveled, polished and flat. Our white gold is plated with rhodium for a silvery shine that lasts, and the opal inlays are treated with resin to protect their luster. These Thorsten rings are covered by a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured your unique men's wedding band or women's engagement ring from our collection will go the distance. Customize your unique wedding bands with an engraved name, date or phrase for a deeply personal touch you'll both appreciate.

A Unique Shopping Experience

Larson Jewelers is committed to taking the hassle out of ring shopping. Our experienced wedding band consultants are ready to answer your questions as you browse our extensive inventory from the comfort of home. Reach out by phone, email or online chat for help finding the perfect fit, ordering custom engraved jewelry or choosing unique men's wedding bands. We ship quickly, never pressure you and deliver a seamless checkout experience. Make us your final stop on your quest for the perfect ring.