Carbon Fiber

Looking for something a little different than diamonds? Carbon fiber wedding bands from Larson Jewelers fit the bill. Our carbon fiber rings feature double carbon fiber inlays on a range of different base materials. Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials in the world, and it adds an unexpected and highly appreciated twist to the traditional wedding band.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Ring Options

From striking red, white or blue all the way to sophisticated black carbon, you'll find a host of eye-catching inlays in our collection. Each inlay is carefully selected to complement or contrast the base material in which it sits, delivering an extraordinary piece of wedding jewelry.

One of the most striking is our tungsten carbide ring with black and red carbon fiber and a red ruby setting. More than a dozen rings in this selection feature gemstones, with rubies, emeralds and white or black diamonds providing an additional layer of pizazz.

If a straight-up band with no gemstone is more your style, you still have dozens of options from which to choose. Ring styles include beveled, flat and polished, ensuring there's something for every personality and taste. Choose a carbon fiber engagement ring with a slim band and pink inlay for her. Go for sleek beveled lines and woven inlays for a carbon fiber ring for him.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings

As one of the strongest materials, carbon fiber is highly durable. Combine the inlays with a lightweight and scratch-resistant band that's difficult to break, and you have the perfect wedding ring for the active lifestyle. Carbon fiber is also hypoallergenic, as are some of the band materials, like ceramic. If you're allergic to traditional jewelry materials, carbon rings can be a stylish alternative.

One more way to make your wedding bands even more unique is with custom engraving. Personalize your ring with any text or symbols you desire. Contact us with any questions or for additional guidance. Browse the beautiful selection of carbon fiber wedding rings at Larson Jewelers today.