Show off your heritage or sense of style with a Celtic wedding band from Larson Jewelers. These symbolic rings come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns, providing an attractive array of choices to find just the right wedding band for you. While the thicker widths make our Celtic rings ideal as men's wedding bands, they are also suitable for women who prefer a thicker rings.


Celtic Wedding Band Options

The most striking feature of our Celtic wedding bands is the engraving. You'll find a range of patterns, including traditional crosses and unique dragon motifs. Another option is the iconic trinity knot, which has long been considered a symbol of eternal love.

Chrome, silver and black are the main colors in our Celtic ring collection, and they all provide the perfect backdrop for engraving or raised designs. You'll also find a variety of ring styles, including beveled, domed, flat, grooved, polished, brushed and matte. Bands with step edges are in the lineup, as are those with concave surfaces.

Celtic Ring Benefits

Our women's and men's Celtic wedding bands are crafted out of tungsten, a strong and scratch-resistant material. This makes them especially well-suited for engraving, as they'll maintain their intricate patterns even after years of daily wear. Tungsten is a rare metal that can mirror the look of higher-priced metals at a more affordable price point.

With 10 years in the jewelry business, Larson Jewelers is all about pleasing the customer. Providing high-value, high-quality Celtic wedding bands is one way to do it. Custom engraving is another service we offer, allowing you to select any text or symbols you desire.

We have created hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers over the years, with many five-star reviews across the board from a variety of sources. Contact us with any questions or guidance while choosing your perfect ring, or browse our collection of Celtic wedding bands today.