Wedding Rings for Gay Couples

Wedding Rings for Gay Couples and Lesbian Couples

Love comes in many forms and we seek to celebrate any kind of love story. We have many gay couples and lesbian couples ask us specific questions about tungsten wedding bands. The general answer to almost all the questions about wedding bands is to do what is most comfortable to you! For more answers to other questions, please read our FAQ.

What KIND of Wedding Rings Should Same Sex Partners Wear?

This is perhaps the most popular question that same sex couples ask us when purchasing wedding bands. The question isn't what kind of wedding bands should you wear, it is which wedding bands do you like the most. The answer to what kind of wedding rings to wear is really simple; wear what you want to wear. You and your partner should choose styles that fit your individual personalities, a wedding ring style that you're comfortable with proudly wearing everyday to symbolize your love for one another. Very popular styles among gay and lesbian couples are the AZURE and CERULEAN.

Which Finger DO Gay and Lesbian Couples Wear Their Wedding Bands?

There are many options when it comes to which finger to wear your lovely wedding bands. Many gay couples prefer to follow the same heterosexual marriage tradition of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger of their left hand. We have also had couples that want their wedding bands to show that their relationship is different and unique, by wearing their wedding rings on the ring finger of their right hand. Same sex couples also wear their wedding bands on the right hand to keep their relationship more private. Going behind preconceived notions, these are your rings and your hands, the best option is always to do what is most comfortable to you.