The Palladium Ring Collection at Larson Jewelers brings sophisticated luxury to affordable wedding bands. Palladium is as brilliant as platinum but less expensive, more precious and rarer than gold and stronger than stainless steel. Our palladium rings are also lightweight and won't tarnish over the years, just like your undying love.

Palladium Wedding Bands

Palladium Rings: Love is a Chemical Reaction

Palladium is a catalyst for change. This silvery-white precious metal converts carbon pollution into water and other harmless substances in automotive exhaust systems. Under the right conditions, palladium can absorb enormous amounts of hydrogen while becoming harder, stronger and more stable. Symbolize the fact that you two change for the better when you're together with palladium wedding bands from our collection. Customize your connection with engraved names, dates, phrases or even fingerprints for unique women's and men's palladium wedding bands that tell your love story.

Palladium Is the New Platinum

If you're looking for a stunning white metal to complement your beloved's cool style, our collection of palladium rings is the place to be. Find gorgeous palladium wedding bands with beveled, brushed, concave, domed, faceted, hammered, polished, grooved and other finishes. Also browse carved women's and men's palladium wedding bands in widths from two to 12 millimeters featuring flowers, geometric patterns, braids and more. Diamonds add even more shine as solitaires or gleaming group settings.

Larson Jewelers: A Catalyst for Hassle-Free Shopping

When you and your beloved met, the world changed forever. Larson Jewelers is changing the way you shop for wedding rings by eliminating all the hassle. Browse a great selection of palladium men's wedding bands, rose gold engagement rings and other conflict-free jewelry from the comfort of home. Use our online resources to learn about finding your perfect fit, and live chat with our experienced, no-pressure wedding band consultants when you have other questions. We're your final stop on the path to your perfect palladium wedding bands.