White Tungsten Rings

For wedding bands that boast an exquisite shine, look no further than the white tungsten rings at Larson Jewelers. Thanks to a rhodium coating, our tungsten carbide wedding bands have a shine that's similar to white gold or platinum. They make a striking statement and are available in a wide range of styles and designs.

White Tungsten Rings

White Tungsten Ring Options

While you may expect all white tungsten rings to be white, we actually have a few other options. On some of the wedding bands, the rings feature a white tungsten base with a colored inlay. Inlay choices include rose gold, gold, multicolored, camo, purple, red, silver and blue - just to name a few.

You'll also find tungsten rings featuring gold plating, which combines the best of both worlds. You get the rich, luxurious look of real gold over a strong and durable base. This makes the ring stronger and more affordable than a standard gold band would be.

The style selection of our white tungsten carbide wedding bands is immense. In addition to different colored inlays, you can select from a variety of ring styles. Choices here include domed, flat, beveled, polished, brushed, satin concave, faceted and hammered. Celtic and engraved wedding bands are in the lineup, as are diamond and gemstone rings. White tungsten is a highly versatile option which looks absolutely stunning when combined with a wide variety of other elements.

Benefits of White Tungsten Wedding Bands

In addition to the striking good looks, white tungsten provides optimum strength. Our manufacturers have created a long-lasting, scratch-resistant wedding band. This is done through a unique manufacturing process that bonds the platinum-group metal of rhodium to tungsten.

Rhodium is first heated to a semi-molten state, and then sprayed onto the tungsten at a super-high velocity. This forms a coating that is not easily scratched, due to the way the rhodium is embedded into the tungsten ring. Contact us with any questions, or browse the collection at Larson Jewelers today.