Our Milgrain Wedding Bands and Rings feature close-set rows of metal beads, adding an elegant yet subtle detail. These milgrain rings come in a variety of widths and styles.


Though it has existed for thousands of years, milgrain became a very popular ring design during the early 20th century. Its simple yet sophisticated beauty makes it appropriate for both men and women who seek to detail their wedding bands in an eye-catching manner.

While the typical milgrain wedding band made centuries ago served as the epitome of handcrafted jewelry detail, today’s tools, technology, and even computers make it an accessible and affordable design with which to adorn rings. Its gift of tantalizing texture adds extra dimension to bands that could otherwise look simple or just plain average.

At Larson Jewelers, we have milgrain designs that can add an extra gorgeous pop to your wedding bands. One of the most popular ways to opt for a milgrain design in rose gold mens wedding bands is to incorporate it into rings’ edging. Adorning edges with this beaded decoration is the hallmark of the milgrain wedding band. Men’s rings, in general, look wonderful with this kind of milgrain placement. The design is particularly suited to rings for grooms, and a men’s milgrain wedding band is bound to win the favor of even the most modest personalities. While it can function as a great decorative element for men’s rings, milgrain can provide a beautiful presentational effect for women’s jewelry as well.

A milgrain wedding band is a great choice for brides or grooms who want to call attention to the details of their rings. The delicate beads found in a milgrain design can act as a framing device that can train eyes on the gem or engraving on a band. If you’re interested in displaying some important engraving on your engagement ring, or if the gem is particularly special, such as a birthstone, milgrain can highlight these qualities in a classic and beautiful way.

Best of all, the beading detail on milgrain wedding bands can come in variety of sizes, allowing for different looks and functions. For instance, beading on these bands can be tiny on dainty women’s rings or larger to accent a men’s milgrain wedding band. Opting for a milgrain wedding ring can infuse your marital band with some vintage charm. They can be especially great choices for grooms and brides who plan to have a wedding with an old-world theme.

While jewelry of this kind can act as the centerpiece for themed ceremonies, they’re also appropriate for individuals who simply appreciate the trends and traditions of bygone eras. This type of embellishment, especially on women’s jewelry, can add a bit of classic feminine flair to adornment pieces. Milgrain can also have a purely functional purpose: With the right edging around gems, it can increase the stones’ perceived size.

At Larson Jewelers, we have beautiful rings with milgrain designs for sale that are sure to turn heads. Browse our online inventory to find the perfect band for your needs and place an order for immediate delivery. Contact our friendly customer service representatives if you’d like advice on which milgrain designs would be best suited for a proposal or a wedding. When you purchase bands from Larson Jewelers, you’re investing in the best jewelry pieces available anywhere on the market.