Wooden Rings

Couples who love the great outdoors are going to love the wooden wedding rings from Larson Jewelers. These unique wood wedding rings combine natural elements with sophisticated shine, resulting in a unique and stylish wedding band option.

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Wooden Wedding Rings

In addition to looking absolutely dashing, different styles come in different widths, ranging from four mm to 12mm. That means you can opt for men's wooden wedding bands at a thicker width, a woman's wedding band with a more delicate, thinner width or simply choose by personal preference. Matching wedding band sets are another stylish way to proclaim your unity.

Wood Inlay Wedding Bands

These unique rings are made with real wood, with options extending from rich mahogany to precious, rare Hawaiian koa wood. These wood inlays are embedded into jewelry-grade metals, and a jewelry epoxy is then applied. The protective resin coating adds shine and durability, making these bands both eye-catching and long-lasting.

Tungsten is the top metal of choice for Larson Jewelers, and with very good reason. Tungsten is a tough and durable metal that can mirror the look of higher-priced gold, platinum, white gold and silver. This gives you a high-quality, gorgeous ring at a more affordable price point. Our wood collection also features other metals; feel free to browse to find your favorite.

Unique Wooden Wedding Bands

With more than 10 years in the jewelry industry, Larson Jewelers has built up an incredible reputation for quality, service and wedding bands with flair. Our wooden wedding bands are just one example of the eye-catching designs you're not going to find anywhere else. The wood rings convey a natural luxury, along with a hint of the traditional with a striking modern twist.

Browse our collection of women's and men's wooden wedding rings to find one that suits your personality and taste. One of the most popular is the black titanium ring with koa wood inlay, although you also have dozens of others from which to choose.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional guidance. Our goal is to make your wedding ring experience as delightful as the wedding itself. Shop our wood wedding band selection at Larson Jewelers today.