Black Tungsten

Couples looking for a sleek, modern option for their wedding bands will find it right here with the black tungsten rings from Larson Jewelers. Our black tungsten wedding bands come in different widths, making it the perfect pick for him or her. You'll also find a wide range of styles and embellishments, allowing you to choose just the right ring with just the right touches.

Black Tungsten Rings

Black Tungsten Wedding Rings

Tungsten is a rare metal that doubles as one of the strongest and most durable materials on earth. It can also easily mirror the look of other precious metals, such as gold, white gold, silver and platinum. Several options in our black tungsten ring collection do feature gold or rose gold plating, while others offer contrasting white tungsten bevels. All-black rings are another option, as are those with eye-catching engravings.

Custom Engraving

Custom engravings are another option for our black tungsten wedding bands, on both the inside or outside of the ring. Engravings look particularly striking on black wedding rings, offering a remarkable contrast with your personalized words or symbols. The engraving option is available on every order form, allowing you to easily create your ring's unique look and feel.

Black Tungsten Wedding Band Styles

While the foundation of all wedding bands in this collection is black tungsten, not all rings look the same. You'll find different styles, including domed, polished, brushed and faceted wedding bands, along with extra-wide options that make a magnificently mighty statement. Creating a wedding band that's truly your own is easy at Larson Jewelers, where we have so many styles, colors, sizes and customization options.

Browse our collection of black wedding bands for him and her, narrowing it down to your favorites. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional guidance. We're always happy to help. Check out the black tungsten rings at Larson Jewelers today.