Black Tungsten Wedding Bands & Black Tungsten Rings for Men & Women

Larson Jewelers presents the most striking black tungsten wedding bands and black tungsten rings available. These wedding bands feature a deep midnight black tungsten finish made of a black titanium alloy coating. Choose a black tungsten ring to stand out from the crowd. Each black tungsten carbide ring is flawlessly constructed and comes in comfort fit for both casual and daily wear. Please note, all black tungsten rings (ours and everyone else) have a black titanium alloy coating, which is not as scratch resistant as tungsten and can wear off over time. You may want to consider black Ceramic Rings because the color of black ceramic is all the way through and will never fade.

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Sleek, stylish, and eye-catching, black tungsten rings are among the most chic designs we offer. For those looking for unique wedding bands, something that perfectly accents your unique relationship and individuality, there is no better choice than a black tungsten ring.  Our black rings have the color of black volcanic rock formations.

Black tungsten rings are made to last. Larson Jewelers uses only the highest grade materials and features rings from some of the biggest names in the industry, like Triton and Thorsten. You can walk away guaranteed that you have a remarkable wedding band that will last as long as your love.

All of our rings are backed by the best warranty in the business – it is part of Larson's dedication to a higher standard of customer service. Have you damaged your ring? Did your fingers grow? Read about our unmatched exchange and returns policy, tailored to each brand and type of metal, so you can walk away with the ring of your dreams completely assured. by:

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