Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men

Larson Jewelers is proud to offer the largest selection of high-quality men’s tungsten wedding bands online. The raw strength of tungsten carbide combined with its flawless features create the perfect symbol of love and commitment between you and your spouse. We only carry the finest tungsten wedding bands for men, made by the most respected manufacturers, such as Triton, Thorsten, and Benchmark Rings. Not only do we carry the biggest selection of tungsten wedding bands for men, but we also carry the widest selection of women’s tungsten rings.

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BRIGHTON Diamond Set Tungsten Ring - 8 mm
Reg: $479.99On Sale: $249.99
SPARTAN Flat Tungsten Ring - 2mm - 12mm
Reg: $189.99On Sale: $84.99
CORINTHIAN Beveled Tungsten Ring - 4mm - 12mm
Reg: $189.99On Sale: $84.99
The Durability and Beauty of Tungsten Rings
With us, you can find a huge range of styles: simple black bands, rings with ornate designs like Celtic knots, and many other types of fun and unique men’s weddings rings. Tungsten is a very versatile metal and can be shaped and designed in many different ways. Because of this, you can buy something that really matches his personality from our wide variety of men’s wedding bands. Tungsten carbide is one of the most durable materials for a wedding ring as well; unlike other metals, like gold, it’s essentially scratch-proof and has a shine that will last for years!

Finding the Perfect Tungsten Wedding Ring for Him
Browse our vast selection of sizes, colors, designs, and widths to find the perfect engagement or wedding ring for your soon-to-be husband. Through our many years of experience in the wedding band industry, we have learned which styles and widths of rings tend to appeal to men. Take your time looking through our tungsten men’s wedding bands online before you order. Many of them you can find for sale at a discount price that’s much more affordable than our competitors’; take advantage of our overstock prices! Honor tradition or even embrace the popularization of engagement rings for men by getting jewelry specifically for your fiancé!

A Note on Sizing His Wedding Band
Please note that tungsten bands for men and women are based on the same sizing system. This means that there is no such thing as a man’s size 8 and a woman’s 8. In other words, a size of 8 is a unisex size. The men’s tungsten wedding bands listed here are no different in size than women’s rings; they just differ in style. Often, men’s rings tend to be 6 mm or wider and women’s tend to be 4 mm or narrower. However, there are many men who prefer a narrower ring, and it is perfectly fine for a man to purchase a 4 mm ring. What’s important is that it fits and suits the groom!

By Vanessa LeBeau