Matching Ring Sets

What better way to show your commitment with your significant other than with a matching set of rings. Larson offers a wide variety of stylish rings in every size. width and color.

Matching Ring Sets

Matching Tungsten Wedding Bands

One of the top benefits of our matching wedding bands is the material. These stylish matching rings are crafted out of tungsten, an extremely durable metal that can mimic the look of higher-priced materials. That means you can get a scratch-resistant tungsten carbide that mirrors the polished look of platinum or white gold at a fraction of the price.

You'll also find gold-plated tungsten wedding bands with the warm burnish of real gold - along with the strength and durability of the toughest metal on earth.

Matching Wedding Bands for Men and Women

The vast range of designs is another perk of our matching wedding band sets. Go for a dramatic and mysterious look with unique black wedding rings for him and her. Opt for a colorful and enchanting flair with silver tungsten inlaid with mother of pearl. If your personalities are on the eccentric side, you can show that off, too. Choices here include rings featuring inlaid wood, colorful carbon fibers or even dinosaur bones.

Traditional wedding band sets are also in the lineup, with matching rings with no extra embellishments or those with low-key, sophisticated designs.

Customized Wedding Ring Sets

Whatever style you choose, you can customize your wedding band sets with engraved names, dates or fingerprints for a daily reminder of your deep connection and eternal love. You also get to choose the exact width you'd like for each ring. We also offer a vast range of ring sizes, starting at size 4 rings for the most delicate fingers. Browse the collection of matching wedding bands at Larson Jewelers today.