Mens Wedding Bands

Stunning Wedding Bands For The Everyday Man

A wedding ring will be worn for the rest of your life, so it warrants special consideration. Start your journey by looking at the many metals available for men's wedding bands.

Centuries of tradition call for a platinum or gold wedding ring for him, but that's just the start. While gold and platinum mens wedding bands are easy to design, other metals offer unique advantages. Tungsten makes both a stunning and scratch-resistant wedding band for men. Titanium rings are slim and lightweight, but won't crack under pressure. Scratch-proof cobalt wedding bands bring the color of platinum without the steep price tag. Ceramic men's wedding rings offer color that won't wear off. If you have a metal sensitivity, these all make hypoallergenic options.

Once you've chosen your metal, make the ring your own with width, fit, texture and personalization by engraving or adding fingerprints. Read more about various metals at our metal comparison page.