Men's Wedding Bands

Men's Alternative Metal Wedding Bands from Larson Jewelers take you off the beaten path. Find durable, hypoallergenic and eye-catching options in our collection that are as unique as your love story.

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Men's Wedding Bands

For the Tough Guy: Tungsten

Tungsten carbide is one of the heaviest and most scratch-resistant substances on earth. If your man works with his hands and comes home covered in grease or dirt every day, men's gold wedding bands simply won't stand up to his demands. For the toughest men's wedding bands, tungsten is the best choice and can be plated with gold, polished, brushed, or inlaid with opal or other gems.

For the Financial Conservative: Cobalt

Combined with chrome, cobalt becomes a stunningly white metal that rivals platinum for shine, durability and scratch resistance. This affordable alternative to men's white gold wedding bands is perfect for men with allergies to nickel, other traditional metals and overblown price tags. Find cobalt selections that are brushed, polished, carved, inlaid or combined with yellow gold. A variety of men's black wedding bands are made of cobalt, as well.

For the Strong Silent Type: Titanium

Men's wedding bands made of titanium are beautiful, strong and light enough to fly you to the moon. In fact, the aerospace industry uses titanium because of its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. For your rocket man, find titanium selections as varied as all the stars in the universe. From simple styles that resemble men's white gold wedding bands to artfully shaped, carved and inlaid men's diamond wedding bands, titanium delivers lightweight durability.

For a Hassle-Free Shopping Experience: Larson Jewelers

Planning a wedding can be daunting. The last thing you need on top of everything is a high-pressure jeweler trying to force his opinions on you. At Larson Jewelers, you'll find a huge selection of engagement rings, women's and men's wedding bands, bridal party gifts and resources for determining the perfect size, thickness and details for your rings. With personalization options, 30-day returns and a lifetime warranty from most manufacturers, we're your final stop for hassle-free wedding ring shipping.