All About Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

If you are getting married soon and want to buy a wedding ring that is as elegant as gold and platinum, but do not have the budget for expensive rings; what is your alternative to expensive wedding bands without sacrificing quality? The answer is tungsten wedding bands, which are wedding rings made from the most durable metal used in the jewelry industry today, tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide wedding bands have a slightly grayish metallic hue that men love. Its polish stays flawless for years and years, unlike gold, platinum or even titanium. How can a metal that with so many advantages cost so much less? This is because the raw materials used to make tungsten wedding bands are not at all time high prices, like gold is, for example. The value of jewelry is based on the cost of the metal used to make the ring and the cost of labor that is required to make the ring. In the case of tungsten rings, the cost is mainly the cost of craftsmanship. Be careful not to purchase tungsten rings that are priced too cheaply (usually less than $100.00) because this is usually an indication of low quality.

Tungsten carbide wedding bands have the same or even superior features of traditional metals used for wedding rings. As stated earlier, they possess the qualities of being very hard, durable and resistant to dents and scratches. You do not have to worry about allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin because tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic, just like platinum. White Gold on the other hand, is not hypoallergenic because it contains a high amount of nickel. Also, tungsten also does not lose its color like white gold does after a short time of wear.

Tungsten Wedding Bands: Important Features

The most important feature of tungsten carbide wedding bands is the permanent polished look of the rings. A tungsten carbide ring never needs to be re-polished, even years or decades after you own it, which means you never have to spend any money on re-polishing of your ring, as is the case with precious metal rings. To provide additional peace of mind and value to our customers, Larson Jewelers offers a lifetime guarantee on all tungsten rings we carry. This means if anything should happen to the ring, whether it is your fault or not, we will replace it free of charge. Even if your finger size changes during the course of your lifetime, we will replace your ring with a new size. While some other retailers do provide a lifetime warranty, they do not provide a free lifetime warranty. This shows a lack of confidence in the rings that they carry.

The superior features of the tungsten carbide wedding bands mean that you do not have to take them off if you engage in sports, manual labor, or other activities that could damage rings made of traditional metals, which you have to take off to prevent any damage. Rest assured you can enjoy your favorite physical activities and wear it to work without worrying about any noticeable damage to your carbide wedding ring.

These days, people are looking for elegance, affordability and durability when shopping for a wedding band. In other words, value is what people are looking for in a wedding band. Tungsten wedding bands offer exactly that. This is why in only a few short years, tungsten wedding rings have become one of the most popular types of wedding rings on the market today.