Choosing Matching Tungsten Wedding Rings


Choosing Matching Tungsten Wedding Rings

A few years ago, choosing matching tungsten wedding rings would have been difficult. Choosing matching wedding bands is now a breeze with our wide range of styles and widths to select from. When tungsten began being used for jewelry most designs were targeted exclusively towards men. Mostly this is because jewelers rightly recognized that men would respond to the 'highly durable' nature of tungsten - that they would find tungsten's unique qualities to be 'cool' and stylish. They were right of course, men do respond to these things, but so do women and modern designers are recognizing this fact. More and more designs are being created with women in mind. For today's couples there is a good selection of matching or coordinating tungsten wedding rings to choose from.

Tungsten wedding rings make a good choice for modern couples. Tungsten is very modern, edgy and cool, but has the quality, deep-gloss sheen and durability that assures these rings will be tomorrow's classics. In fact tungsten is guaranteed to look as good at the end of your life together as it did on the day you placed the rings on each other's fingers. Tungsten rings will become heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations.

Jewelers have really expanded the style and design choices for tungsten wedding rings in the past few years. Now you can choose from a variety of shapes and decorations. Your ring can be domed, concaved, beveled, grooved or faceted. You can choose rings with laser engraving in Celtic, tribal, or modern styles. You can choose rings that have inlaid 'rope' of other metals including gold, platinum and silver. You can choose a ring with carbon fiber inlay in a variety of colors. A two-tone ring involves tungsten worked together with another jewelry metal, such as gold or silver to create a very striking effect. With the variety of choices available you should have no difficulty finding matching tungsten wedding rings that will please both of you.

When you buy matching tungsten wedding rings you are making an investment in rings that will last as long as your love - through your entire lifetime. Tungsten rings need very little maintenance, in fact, in general a rub with a soft cloth every few months to remove any residues of lotion, oil or soap will be all that is required. Tungsten rings will stand up to daily abuse without scratching. It is no longer hard to find choices in matching his and hers tungsten wedding rings. May your love last forever with tungsten rings .