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Gifts Ideas for Your Significant Other

Your life partner is one of the most important people in the world. Whether you've been together a few months or a few decades, the bond you share multiplies all life's bounty and divides every burden. The moments you share are like little gifts, each one building on the last to create a rich tapestry of mutual commitment.

But if you struggle to find gift ideas for partner birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, you're not alone! The pros at Larson Jewelers specialize in helping couples give thoughtful, meaningful gifts that illuminate your unique love story.

We've put together some special partner gift ideas for her and him to make it easier to surprise and delight your better half on any occasion. No matter if you're young or old, nurturing a new relationship or cherishing your long-term love, read on for partner gift ideas with unique flair.

Unique Gift Ideas for Partners, Spouses & Significant Others

Your relationship is like no other. The gifts you exchange as partners can help reinforce the unique bond you have. Whether it's for your anniversary, a birthday or simply to celebrate another day in love, think outside the ordinary to find gift ideas that speak to your unique love story. Was your bridal party suited up in Starfleet uniforms? Did you reference C-beams glittering near the Tannhauser Gate in love letters? If yours is a pop-culture sci-fi kind of love, nerdy rings that feature Elvish writing, graphic novel images or scenes from iconic films make delightful partner gift ideas that are also inside jokes. Add custom laser engraving of a personal message to level up the connection.

Partner Gift Ideas for Her

Jewelry is often the go-to gift for women. The trick to making jewelry gifts truly special is to tailor your choice to her unique personality and tastes. Tap into her core values with a sterling silver and rose gold cross pendant that highlights your shared faith in a higher power. If her spiritual sense leans more toward nontraditional mysticism, look into the magical properties of gemstones to find the type of stone that speaks to her soul. Whether you give her courage with a ruby ring, the good fortune of an emerald necklace or the promise of fidelity in the deep blue tones of a sapphire, she'll appreciate your efforts to select the perfect bling to reflect her inner glow.

Partner Gift ideas for Him

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. One of our favorite partner gifts for him is the gift of time. Browse our collection of special watches that include unusual finds for men of distinction. From a water-resistant, multifunctional sports watch to elegant titanium timepieces to eye-catching selections that reference the Sons of Anarchy, you're sure to find the one that helps him savor every second you two share. Give your fella an authentic Koa wood inlaid necklace or ring as a partner gift fit for a king. These pieces feature one of the rarest species of wood on the planet to highlight how he's the one-of-a-kind treasure of your life.