Hey, Brides-To-Be, Let The Groom Help Plan, Too!

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Your wedding is a huge deal, but you don't have to do it all alone. You have your girls on your side, but you also have your man. Your big day takes a lot of planning, and there are a few details with which your groom can be of some assistance to you. So while you handle the majority of the wedding planning, he can help a bit here and there and put in his two cents, too. Some decisions are best made with the help of the groom, so get ready to do some planning together as a team.

The Venue

You've pictured your wedding day for many years before your man even came along. You will most likely have a theme, season, and maybe even a date in mind. What you may need his help with is the venue for the wedding and reception. You both should keep in mind the size of the guest list for both sides when deciding where the big event will take place.

Your Rings

Obviously, he was solely in charge of the beautiful stone that you adoringly show off to all of your friends (and everyone you come in contact with throughout your day). But when it comes to your wedding bands, you must shop together. Take into consideration your lifestyles, jobs, and activity levels when picking out both of your bands. And be sure to purchase a band that will last your lifetime.

His Groomsmen

Only he can pick out his groomsmen, those close friends and family who have been there for him his entire life. Obviously, he is also going to have to pick that one person who is most important to him who will be his best man. Something he always needs to keep in mind is that it would be nice to include your brothers in his lineup. Also remember that the number of groomsmen and bridesmaids doesn't have to be exactly the same: Always include someone who deserves to be in your wedding, even if the numbers will be off.

Their Tuxedos

Yes, you will have some input in this process, but he will need to have a say as well. You and your girls will match and will possibly coordinate with the groomsmen, so it should all be done with that in mind. Plus, he knows what he will be comfortable wearing on your big day. Make sure that all of his guys are comfortable as well.

Your Vows

Unless you are going the traditional route, you might have to write your vows. When writing wedding vows, you both should really ponder your relationship, where you've come from, and where you've been. Write them from the heart to show your love and commitment on the day of your ceremony.

The Music

When you are picking your venue, you will need to consider the music that you plan to have at your reception. Live music has a fun aspect to it, and most wedding bands are great cover bands. You will be able to hear and dance to some of your favorites as they are being played live. A wedding DJ can play your exact playlist and will also be able to navigate the reception activities such as the cake-cutting and the bouquet toss. Your guy should have a say in this very important aspect of your reception.

Your Honeymoon

The planning that you might be looking forward to the most is the honeymoon. You should both be planning this one early. It will be one of your bigger expenses and will be something that you'll remember for a long time.