What's the difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring?

What's the difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring?

As you start shopping for the rings you will exchange at your marriage ceremony, you may hear them referred to as wedding "bands" or wedding "rings." This may leave you wondering what the difference is between the two.

Wedding Band vs. Ring

There was a time when talking about a wedding band or a wedding ring referred to two different types of jewelry. Traditionally, a wedding band was a simple piece of jewelry that had very few, if any, adornments. It could have been thick or thin, but it usually didn't include any gems. A wedding ring usually referred to a ring that incorporated diamonds or other gems. It was much more ornate than a band.

However, as styles of jewelry have changed, the terms "band" and "ring" are used interchangeably. It doesn't matter if the jewelry is adorned, either term is fine to use. Where you live in the world and your personal preference will determine which term you use when referring to the rings that you and your future spouse exchange at your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Band/Ring vs. Engagement Ring

While there isn't a difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring, there is a difference between these rings and engagement rings. More often than not, an engagement ring consists of a solitaire gem (typically a diamond). You present this ring when you ask the person you love to marry you.

Once the wedding ring and engagement ring are soldered together, which is done quite often to make wearing them easier, the pair can be referred to as the wedding band (or ring).

As mentioned, the wedding band/ring is exchanged during the wedding ceremony. Most couples buy wedding sets, which means that the rings match. Of course, this isn't always the case. Finding the right ring for your partner means knowing what they like and what they're comfortable wearing. They may prefer a simple band made from gold, ceramic or titanium. If they like a little more bling, you should consider getting them jewelry that is encrusted with gemstones.

When it comes to your wedding rings, you want to find something that expresses your style and personality and is something you'll wear. Wedding rings are symbols of your devotion to one another, so finding the ring (or band) that makes you happy is the most important part of the process.

A Wide Variety of Wedding Options

You want your wedding day to be perfect and that means finding the jewelry that showcases your love for your future spouse to the world. Finding the right ring might take time, but when you browse the wide selection at Larson Jewelers, you're sure to find the ring that's right for you. Find your perfect ring (or band) today.