Tungsten Diamond Rings

Titanium Rings for Men at Larson Jewelers are as unique as your love story. This alternative metal is lightweight, durable and won't crack under pressure, making it the perfect symbol of your eternal union. Find titanium wedding rings that fit your beloved and your budget at Larson Jewelers.

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Tungsten Diamond Rings

Stronger than Steel

What's lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel and has traveled to the moon and back? Only titanium and your unending love fit those criteria. The aerospace industry favors titanium for its strength, durability and resilience - also qualities of your beloved. Symbolize your unbreakable bond with titanium wedding rings that will stand the test of time. This alternative metal is hypoallergenic and lightweight, plus it's more affordable than many other options while retaining a high-end look.

More than Basic Black

Titanium's durability makes it an incredibly versatile choice for unique men's wedding bands. It can be shaped, etched and sculpted, embedded with gemstones or other metals, fused with ceramic or mother of pearl, and dressed in a variety of finishes. Black titanium rings make a bold statement. Our black titanium has been altered at the molecular level for an ebony hue that goes all the way through for virtually scratch-free wear. From the look of yellow gold or chrome to green, teal or blue titanium rings, our collection has the perfect fit for your man in not-so-basic black.

Simple Shopping Solutions

Your love for each other is simple, but wedding planning can be complicated. Simplify your search for the perfect wedding bands at Larson Jewelers. We're committed to bringing you a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Whether you're trying to determine the most comfortable fit for titanium wedding rings or looking for wedding band sets that stand out from the crowd, we're the place to be for simple shopping solutions that fit your life and your budget.