Black Wedding Bands For Men

Discover Larson Jewelers' black wedding bands and rings for men. Whether you are looking for a fashion, modern, or black sapphire wedding band, we have the ideal combination of masculine and unique wedding rings. We offer a wide variety of black bands and personalization to help you create the perfect ring. Browse our selection of metals in tungsten, titanium, and ceramic men's bands.

The Modern Groom's Wedding Band In Sophisticated Black

Black wedding bands are a sleek option for the modern groom. They’re becoming a trendy choice as men look for more unique ways to express their love and style. Larson Jewelers’ black wedding bands for him are an affordable and sophisticated alternative to gold and silver. Darker metals such as black, bronze, or even rose gold tie in exceptionally well with warmer skin tones. When looking for the perfect men's black wedding band, it's essential to consider the thickness, width, and design. Thickness and width are directly correlated; the wider the band, the thicker it will be. As you explore our black ring collections, consider the length and thickness of the ring finger to help you narrow down a comfortable band.

Unique and Exotic Black Wedding Bands

As for design, Larson Jewelers brings you a wide selection of different inlays, finishes, plating, channeling, and more to choose from. Whether you prefer diamonds or gemstones, we have something for everyone. Discover our men's black wedding bands inlaid with unique and exotic woods. For a more masculine feel, check out our rope, braided, or chain black wedding band designs. Deciding what type of metal to use depends entirely on what the wearer prefers for weight, feel, and durability.

Strong Beautiful Onyx Black Rings

Many of our men's black wedding rings are made from tungsten, a rare metal. Much like platinum, men's black tungsten wedding bands have some heft to them. Tungsten is one of the hardest metals with a solid heavy feel and is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making them perfect for everyday wear. Black tungsten combines the strength and weight of tungsten with the beautiful black color of onyx. While the coating is tough and not easily scratched off, it is not as scratch resistant as the tungsten ring itself. The black coating can wear off over time, depending on the individual's lifestyle. Larson Jewelers can refinish your black wedding band for a nominal fee. For alternative options, browse our men's tungsten wedding bands, black ceramic wedding bands, or some of our more unique men's wedding bands.