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Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized?

Can tungsten rings be resized?

Tungsten rings are quickly growing in popularity and for a good reason. Rings made from tungsten carbide are durable, scratch resistant and affordable when compared to those made of other metals like gold. However, this also makes them less malleable.

About Tungsten Rings

Made with just the right blend of tungsten and nickel, tungsten carbide rings are known for their strength and scratch resistance. In fact, diamonds are the only thing harder than tungsten. Because of their strength, tungsten rings won't bend, but they can crack or break when enough pressure is applied.

Tungsten is a newer metal when it comes to rings, which is why these rings tend to be so affordable. With tungsten rings, you also get more interesting and unique options than you might find with rings made of other metals. Tungsten rings can come with stunning inlays like wood and in designs with spinning centers perfect for anyone who fidgets.

Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized?

Since tungsten rings are newer on the market, there are many things people don't know about them. One question that comes up often is if tungsten rings can be resized. The short answer? No. Because of their strength, tungsten carbide rings don't bend for resizing or reshaping. This can be a good thing when it comes to accidents where a bendable ring might further injure your finger, but it can be a downside if you need a new ring size. Other common metals are malleable and can easily be bent, reshaped and resized as needed, but don't let this scare you away from tungsten rings. You might not be able to resize a tungsten ring, but you still have options if resizing needs arise.

What to Do When Your Ring No Longer Fits

Many factors can cause a ring or wedding band to no longer fit your finger. Whether you gained or lost weight or suffered an injury, a day may come when you need a new ring size. While tungsten rings can't be resized, don't lose hope. Most manufacturers have planned ahead for this exact issue and include size exchanges in their warranties.

When you purchase Thorsten rings from Larson Jewelers, you get a lifetime warranty that covers accidental damages and size exchanges. With a size exchange, you receive the same style ring you currently have in a new size that fits. Always check individual manufacturer warranties before purchasing tungsten rings to ensure size exchanges are covered.

Find the Perfect Tungsten Ring at Larson Jewelers

At Larson Jewelers, you'll find a vast selection of tungsten rings, many of which come with lifetime warranties from their manufacturers. Our selection includes gorgeous women's tungsten rings with beautiful inlays like mother of pearl, rose gold plating and even diamonds. If you're looking for something that will help you show off your geek pride, we have a collection of nerdy tungsten rings featuring all your pop-culture favorites like Star Wars, Pokémon, Lord of the Rings and more. You can also get a custom laser engraving for a ring that is truly unique and personalized.

Not sure what tungsten ring is right for you or have questions about size exchanges? Please contact us. We have a team of experienced wedding band consultants ready to help.